The year end is a decent opportunity for you to consider ways to improve your tax position for the current year, as a small biz owner.

Sole Proprietorship As a sole proprietor, you are an unincorporated business. I want to ask you a question. Have you planned an effective dividend/salary mix? As an incorporated owner business, you can choose to receive income as salary … Continue reading If you are thinking of starting up your business, there are a few ways to organize from a Canadian tax perspective including Sole Proprietorship, Incorporation, and Partnership.

Bing Wang CPAis a senior partner inAccXpert Business Solutions Ltd.(a professional

Bing Wang CPAhas extensiveyears experiences forbusiness tax and accounting services for small biz in Canada, and has provided high quality, low cost, quick services with best customersatisfactionsfor Canadian family-run entrepreneurship owners and corporations. In addition, he has Canadian and US business and real estate investment experience and had provided many years tax planning and filing services for rental income both from Canada and US invested properties and other business incomes.

Bing Wang CPA professionaltax accounting services’key client base include hi tech startups, IT consultants, professionals, real estate agents, real property investors, international holding corporations, international trade businesses, on line sales, restaurants, dollar shops, convenience stores, health services, day care center, training schools, beauty salons, and non profit organizationsetc

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