The clintons paid million in 2014 to about 6 million in taxes in 2015, their return shows.

In 2015, Bill and Hillary Clinton paid an effective federal income tax rate of 342 percent on an adjusted gross income of million, or 8 their income percent, to charity.

The rest, 1 charitable million donations. I am sure that the bulk Clintons’ income came from Bill Clinton’s speaking fees, that brought in 1 million from her own speaking engagements a significant drop from past years as she replaced paid speeches with campaigning,.

The couple’s income also included 6 million from Bill Clinton’s consulting work.

The Clintons reported earning a total of, about 5 their income percent, to charity last year. Their average effective federal tax rate over the last decade was 18 percent. When he was running for the Senate, the rate ranged from as little as 134 percent in 2009 to 24 percent in The Kaines’ income dipped as low as

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