Over income, no refund, For Single File Taxpayers, under obvadjobvadj3000 and paid taxes.

tax refundFor Dual Filing Taxpayers.

Over 150K, therefore this applies in full. It’s a well, So in case you earned more than 2000 limit, I’ll be starting up a 529 for any. Will update more later on why, Utah plan appears to be top. By now, the 529 plans have really come around, eSA given the lower fees. You can also invest a lot more in the 529 plans.

Leave it in an emergency fund. Perhaps it’s prudent for some to just leave this unexpected funding in a liquid account. Whenever anything can happen, Given the jobs outlook and the current recessionary environment.

Pay Down High Interest Debt.

, if you are paying 20 + interest on credit cards. Then, there’s no investor in their right mind that should turn down a riskfree 20percent return on investment.

Whenever shortening the life of your mortgage, Make an additional pre payment on your mortgage. Most economic opinions do not favor pre paying a mortgage.

Although, so you’re at 6 post tax, that exceeds 5 OR you can invest in a IRA and the equation changes altogether relying upon various factors,. There’s a been lots of hype lately on paying down your mortgage early, So if you’re in a 6 interest rate and deducting your mortgage interest at a 25 tax rate. For some, the contentment that comes with paying down a mortgage early is worth it.

Donate it to charity.

I haven’t reached a point yet where I feel that I’m making a sustainable investment in something tangible, we have a couple charities we participate in any year. Red Cross following 9/11 and now just stick to the American Cancer Society and local interests. Needless to say, many individuals say, I would do more of this if I had the extra money to spare. Now regarding the aforementioned fact… Maybe so it’s an opportunity for you to start giving if it ain’t something you’ve done before.

Spend it on a vacation you didn’t have planned. It’s a perfect decision to have to make -to consume money you didn’t intend on, we are looking at tough decisions. It’s doubtful you’ll look back and say, I’m glad I skipped that vacation and saved some extra money back in 2008″, when you’re on your death bed. We undoubtedly should be a patriotic American and plough this money back into the economy like the politicians are requesting? Hey, it wasn’t in the budget and you don’t need it.

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