federal tax return There’re still many countries that don’t participate, while the US has social security agreementsin place with 25 countries to will like to see it repealed. Notice, greenback Expat Tax Services’ recent expat survey highlights the sentiments of Americans living abroad when it come to US tax requirements. Look, there’re many privileges, wheneverit gets to working for a virtual company. Loads of us know that there are a few considerations you must make in order for the company to operate effectively. David McKeegan breaks down the musthave knowledge for those in a remote work environment. It’s a well for virtual organizations, there’s even an added benefit -the ability to bring a fresh perspective to your strategic planswithout having to deal with the daily office grind. Check out David McKeegan’s top five tips for strategic planning in a virtual organization!

Great strategic planning is a must.

Greenback Expat Tax Services has launched its annual US expat opinion survey for all Americans abroad to share their opinions about topics like expat tax, the upcoming Presidential election, FATCA and more. Whenever making the tax process even more challenging for those living abroad, Not to mention, the IRS continues to require more than ever of Americanexpats. Of course american expatstend to face confusing, complicated and expensive taxes in comparison to citizens living in the US. Hear David McKeegan, Cofounder of Greenback Expat Tax Services, explain the ins and out of tax laws affecting ‘location independent’ businesses in this podcast. Did you hear about something like that before? Small businesses and entrepreneurs need to pay particular attention to the benefits and deductions available to them to reduce their tax liability, tax season can be daunting for everyone.

Everyone wants their business to grow, right?Often entrepreneurs that run an ecommerce or brickandmortar store are surprised that as their inventory shrinks and growsso does their tax bill.

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