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income tax returnAxiomatically, you sign your federal income tax return under penalties of perjury.

That means it will be accurate and complete. In the real world, despite your best efforts and honesty, you may forget something or make a ‘innocenteven’ if ‘foolish mistake’.

In fact, it may not even be your fault.

income tax return You are probably safe in not filing an amendment, Therefore in case it was.

Conversely, if you knew the return was inaccurate when you filed it, you should amend it to make it accurate without delay. It may behoove you to get some professional advice about the nature and inaccuracy scope and your best plan for rectifying it. The IRS rarely brings up an originally filed return in civil audits or in criminal prosecutions once the taxpayer has come forward and attempted to correct it by filing an amended return. To take advantage of this rule, you have to make the correction before the IRS finds your error. You have to be aware that even filing a ‘amendedand’ fully ‘accuratereturn’ won’t entirely immunize you if your initially filed return was fraudulent.

This is why getting some professional advice about your errors can make sense. Accordingly the IRS can still pursue ‘youcivilly’ or even criminally if you filed a false or fraudulent return, Undoubtedly it’s rare. This is so even when you may have subsequently attempted to cure the problem with an amended return. Not those that increase your tax liability, see Badaracco Commissioner If you do file an amended return, you can’t ‘cherrypick’ and make only those corrections that get you money back. You must correct everything so you can sign under penalties of perjury. Know that while tax vast bulk returns are not audited, most advisers say that amended returns are considerably more likely to be examined than original returns.

Ten Tips For Amending Your Tax Return

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