Agents Are Available To Assist You From 8 A – Tax Return Online

Filing Season Central.

We’re available to help answer your questions and provide assistance to help ensure your tax returns are filed accurately if you call us ll free at 1800282″- Agents are available to assist you from 8 until 5, Monday through Friday.

Telephone assistance for Personal Income Taxes going to be extended until 7 fromApril 1stthrough April 18th.

This service is available 24/7 7 and we strive to provide an answer within12 business days, if you prefer to email your question. More information can be found here at this IRS website. Free tax return preparation by IRSqualified volunteers is available for qualifying taxpayers. The majority of the volunteersites require an appointment.

In seeking to increase the level and ease of compliance with Ohio’s tax laws, Taxation Ohio Department offers a Voluntary Disclosure Program.

You or your representative should send us a letter explaining in detail the passthrough entity’s activities in Ohio and how long these activities are performed by the passthrough entity in Ohio, if you would like to establish an agreement for a ‘passthrough’ entity.

Providethe returns for the years under the agreement with payment in full for tax and interest, along with the appropriate estimated payments required forthe current year and two thesigned copies VDA agreement. Of course, this program is designed for ‘passthrough’ entities that believe they have Ohio income tax liabilities and wish to resolve them. Any passthrough entity is eligible for the program if it enters into a pass through entity tax agreement prior to any contact from Taxation Ohio Department. By voluntarily disclosing the liabilities, the passthrough entity can avoid the consequences normally associated with a nexus investigation.

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