Amazon Represents 60 Of Hachette’s Ebook Sales In The Us: Author Entrepreneur How To Sell Books And Products Direct To Customers

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sales tax Despite the fact that Actually I are selling courses online for a number of years now, the Amazon/Hachette dispute had been the catalyst for my own move into direct sales of books.

In consonance with GoodeReader in June Once another company/platform has that much control over your business, amazon represents 60 of Hachette’s ebook sales in the US, and 78 in the UK, negotiations are always will be difficult. Where do you receive your revenue from?

I would like to ask you something. How many different sources does it come from? Is your business sustainable if any channel disappears or changes terms? Since they pioneered ‘selfpublishing’ for ebooks and enabled authors to make a living online, indie authors love Amazon. We’re also aware of our dependency, and Amazon is a business, not a charity.

sales tax Jeff Bezos himself, in an interview on Charlie Rose, said that one day Amazon could be disrupted. They get to change the rules when they want, It’s also their business. Do Kobo, Nook, Apple and any other companies that sit between the author and the customer. There’re your options for direct sales. This is a chapter excerpted from my book on business for authors.

Customers can manually transfer digital files onto ereader or mobile devices with intention to read them.

This means you can sell. Eventually, kindle and. As well as PDF or any other formatted files directly from your website, pub files for other devices and use a shopping cart through PayPal and similar services to process the payments. Customers can purchase directly on website, receive the download and you receive the money. There are a number of services you can use. Then again. Usually, it is Paypal or Clickbank only payments and the customer’s experience ain’t that intuitive.

sales tax Againand, it’s not very sophisticated and nowadays, there areSo there’re options that include email and social integration, on top of analytics, you can also just use a Paypal Buy button on the website. By the way I evaluated the following options, when I decided to sell my books directly from my website. As a result, you should investigate all these as well as any other more recent developments with an eye to find what fits your business the best.

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Sell ebooks/audiobooks/courses and similar digital files from your website.

Personally, I am now using Selz for my ebook and nonfiction audiobook sales direct from my website. You can see examples on TheCreativePenn. Fact, books and also JFPenn. I’m almost sure I wanted both options, as a customer, my main reason was that I like to be able to pay by aypal or bank card. Usually, it also integrates with my Aweber email lists so I can develop a list of buying customers, separate to people list who download my free stuff. Besides, junkie for my courses as that is all set up and works well.

Many authors buy and hold their own stock so they can sell signed copies of books from their websites.

Like my friend Alastair Humphreys, other authors have DVDs, physical products like ‘Tshirts’ and similar merchandise. For extended functionality, check, you can use Paypal Buy buttons on your website for physical sales as well. Please do your research and consider print on demand or drop shipping, where the product is made and delivered straight to the customer without you having to hold stock, if you’re going to go ahead with physical sales. Known on top of shipping it. Hold it or warehouse it. Lines at the post office are no fun, and neither is a pile of unsold stock in your house. For example, trust me, I’ve made that mistake and made a business decision to focus on digital products primarily because of it.

By the way, the indie rise movement across all industries has seen a renaissance in craft fairs, local markets and people interested in buying directly from the creator. You may also be a public speaker wanting to sell books at the room back. There are also a couple of other models that come under the ‘sell direct’ umbrella.

Or if you want to explore crowdfunding or patronage, you will need an author platform and people who know your personality and are keen to buy, So in case you want to sell directly.

You will need traffic to your website, and you need an email list so you can tell people when there arelook, there’re books ready to buy. How to market a book‘ or you can check out the articles on marketing here. Usually, on 1 Jan, 2015, the EU introduced new VAT tax laws that impact anyone selling digital products to the EU -that includes authors who sell books or courses direct. VAT is now calculated based on where the customer is located, NOT where the seller/vendor is located. Anyway, the tax varies per country and to be compliant, businesses need to collect 2 evidence pieces proving location.

Previously, there was an exemption limit for small businesses but this law gets limit rid so anyone selling anything and making any revenue above 0 must pay this VAT. Many small businesses are pulling down their direct sales -myself included -until the law is revisited for small businesses, a lot of the companies above will help with sorting out this tax information. Udemy and similar sites that process the tax for you. SELZ and you can now purchase my ebooks/audios/courses direct from my site. What has changed?

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Sell print books/physical product from your website/online.


Craft fair by Malisia; Woocommerce, Cart 66/Cart 66 lite and WP eCommerce is being the top plugins for integrating a store into a WordPress site, Top -Flickr Creative Commons money by Epsos. Consequently, cart 66 with the Cartalog plugin worked the best for me my site. This is where it starts getting very interesting, right, this is the case right? They handle payment processing through PayPal and automatically gives an access link to the file. On top of this, they also have a bunch of other payment processing options.

Square for individually payment processing as well as their online marketplace for her store.

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Sell physical products personally.

Speaking of crowdfunding, is there a site that would be better than another for fundraising for cover art costs, is that the case?

It seems like crowdfunding is my only option, an image set I want to use is too expensive for me right now there haven’t been any others I like better for a particular book. That’s something I think you’d struggle to get funding for -better to look at using different art, or approaching artists directly and asking for permission to use.

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Asking your customers for support.

Etsy would get into indie book sales. It’s a viable alternative to Amazon because one, it sells indie products with customers inclined to such products and two, people logging onto Etsy are ready to buy ‘somethinga’ distinct advantage over author websites. Normally, amazon a run for their money in this area. Considering the above said. It does relate to alternatives, It’s not direct sales, which is the topic here. Etsy for something like ‘hand printed’ books -but that’s a special project, not very commercial -although I’d love to do it sometime!

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All of these require an author platform.

Etsy to get into the book business.

Does anyone know if they have considered the matter, right? You asked for feedback about you possibly seeking patronage for your podcast. I would support you through them, or some similar site that lets me be in dollar charge amount, and time length, after checking out Patreon. Joanna, that’s after months of listening to you, and being thoroughly convinced by your past performance that your work is worthy of support. Can you think of a twostep plan, where new ‘Penn junkies’ can get their fix for free for awhile, then have the option to elevate their status to Pennpatron, right?

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Update for Dec, 2014 -EU VAT Tax on Digital Products.

Joanna, do these sites take care of all the taxes, this is the case right? In the US, sellers are required to hold taxes for every state and city. Also, that’s a huge task I don’t want any part of. It is i’d need the merchant site to do it for me. You should take it into account. Sites Each has a way to deal with tax -you just need to go and look at the help on each to work out what’s best for you. They will have provision for tax, a number of indie authors and bloggers and companies are using them.

Ann, you don’t need to collect sales tax for every state and city.

You only need to collect for your state/city and any state/city you physically go to and sell books at. While using me as an example, I only pay sales tax for those sales to other Texan buyers, if I sell books directly from my site. As a result, outside of Texas, it’s tax free. Anyways, if, however, Know what, I go to a conference in California and sell copies of my books there, then I’d have to do sales tax for California for that specific event.

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Update April, 2016 -EU VAT Tax on Digital Products.

Yes, any good eCommerce application should have options for programming in the sales tax rates that apply to you. Dear Joanna, Can I ask you please if you made three separate contracts with the three companies. Kobo, Nook, and Apple? Please forgive me if you have already answered that question before.

You always need to do different contracts with different companies!

Just check the FAQ per company. Eventually, hi Joanna, I know how to format books for mobi and epub using open source and other formatting software. I don’t have tablets or iphone and I don’t know if tablet owners can download directly from a site -instead of from Kindle, Nook, etcetera I have been able to get some testers who told me that they had to sideload. Consequently, then someone told me that these were possibly old devices and that the new devices could upload from any site. Know what guys, I really can’t tell how easy it is and what instructions to give the buyers. I am at a standstill on whether I can offer these ebooks at my site or not, since buyers don’t like hassle. How do your buyers download directly, this is the case right? So, how do you ensure a good format for both mobi and epub? Any advice on this would be really appreciated. Thanks!

EU VAT laws -but I used to offer all formats including PDF and the buyer would need to sideload or read on the device -people didn’t seem to have an issue with it. GUMROAD now sorts VAT tax for you, it is added automatically from each individual country.

Thanks Joanna, appreciate the article, exactly what I was Googling for!

Hi Joanna, I’m almost sure I am publishing my first book and the company I am using is returning the full net profit if purchased from their site. Makes me want to sell everything from my site or the publishing company’s website. EU VAT because Anma made a statement above about only be concerned with collecting taxes from my state and any state I do book signings in. Thanks for the info, just the ‘straightforward’ talk I was looking for as a catalyst for future research.

Hi Joanna, I’m a big fan of your books as well as your blog.

Novel and so far I’ve done a lot myself. Derek Murphy and YouTube videos to figure out how to make an eBook covers using MS word and Photoshop. You mentioned crowdfunding in this blog post is there any you’d recommend for authors working on their first but book a need to raise some money for editing, am I correct?

Whenever crowdfunding really only works for people who already have an audience or a way to build one quickly with a cool project, Hi Abigail. That’s how a lot of us get started. You see, all the best. Hi Joanna, Are you familiar with the Book Buyer’s Preview service that is offered by my ‘self publishing’ service houses? Also, most companies charge about.

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