Amended Returns Must Be In Their Hands By The 15Th At First I Thought The Taxpayer Was Out Of Luck – Beware Of The Deadlines On Amended Tax Returns

amended tax returnIn most cases, you have 3 years to file an amended tax return.

The client went to the post office on April 13th and sent the package by priority mail. 2012 amended tax return (where the original 2012 return was due April 15th, must be filed by April 15. For most people who file their 1040 without extension, that means April 15th, 3 years later. The receipt showed an anticipated delivery date of April 15th. On top of that, the client needed to amend their 2011 tax return.

At first blush, it appeared the IRS wascorrect. At first I thought the taxpayer was out of luck.

However, i like when I can get into nuances in a battle with the IRS. There really was not recourse, I’d say in case the IRS says it didn’t get the mailing until the 20th. Here’s what I wrote to the IRS. Amended returns must be in their hands by the 15th. By the way I started studying the 2012 deadlines calendar, and thought back to past experiences. Tagged With. Amended Tax Returns, Filing deadlines

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