Based And Destination-Based Sales Tax Collection – Origin

While nothing in other states, Internet based company in CA only.

The sales reps don’t always know where the shipments are going so if they are planning to same state they get mad when they are slapped with sales tax later, and have already quoted their cleints.

Our vendors need to charge us sales tax in FL and a couple other states. You only have to charge sales tax to customers in states where you have sales tax nexus. Therefore in case you are using a visa card reader to make a sale so you’d need to charge sales tax at the rate where you are making the sale, Sales tax is charged at the point of sale. This eBook might similar to how to register to collect sales tax in NC! Nevertheless, they are required to charge sales tax at the point of sale. Plenty of information can be found online tHREE days from Sparks Nv to me? It is yeah? Your order will ship in 12″ business days, Both of these items are currently only located in our NY warehouse, and might be in transit for 5 business days.

Their sites say NY, two it comes from the other.

This is really ridiculous.

If my purchase is made TO New York City and shipment is coming FROM NY why maximum sudden am I paying taxes? Never paid tax when I ordered. In Nevada, Las Vegas to be exact. Consequently you live in NV, you could be charged sales tax if the order ships from our NY warehouse or NV warehouse, since we do have a facility in NV. For example, forget about the 3 day shipping. Known when that happened I started getting charged Sales Tax. Here’s a question for youif my business is established in a destination state but I can be hired to perform services for clients outside of the state, what kind of tax would’ve been applied to the final sale? You should take this seriously. Very useful info!

PA and own a custom tackle business. PA and out of state. a Online Business Store Based ONLY in California just recently started charging ALL their Customers in Every State Tax. Several Customers from other states pointed this out yet the store continues to do this? Are they allowed to Charge me Tax when I am in NY when they Only have a Store in CA? Am I not making purchases from my home in Oregon, not liable for sales tax, when I shop on the internet. For sure they must be charged sales tax, Therefore in case the people I bought gifts for were to have ordered the items themselves.


Why am I getting charged sales tax, Therefore if I make an internet purchase and later have it shipped to people in NYC.

Oregon, it’s only getting shipped to another state. My company is located in Orange County. It is we sell equipment to a company that is based in Rhode Island but the customer has facilities in almost each state. With all that said… Are these sales all taxable? The customer’s billing address is RI but we ship the equipment all over the US. Seriously. Therefore if any, What tax should I pay? VA purchasing a service, a photographer for a wedding, and the parent company is located in NH. The quote I received includes a 25percent tax. Keep in mind I don’t know anything about your business except what you wrote above. If you have inventory stored in CA or you’re using a fulfillment service in CA thence you most certainly have nexus in CA. Essentially, for the most part there’re a bunch of reasons why they can be doing this. They may have affiliates in all states, or be planning an expansion and working something out with every state. Just think for a moment. Quite a few states are happy to receive sales tax revenue from outofstate sellers who voluntarily need to collect.

We are a manufacturing company in GA that has a sales rep in Illinois.

Since Illinois is an origin based state do we charge sales tax on the sales rep location in Illinois even when the product comes from GA?

The products are shipped from GA to the buyer in Illinois. Thank you SO MUCH for this very clear information. Ok, and now one of the most important parts. They added sales tax. Oregon and bought something on ebay from California. Considering the above said. CA sellers do indeed have to do this. Let me tell you something. It’s a problem to tell when articles on the web were written -is there this particular CA law dating from a couple of years back, or can I proceed in asking him to refund the tax I paid, Seems doubtful but I wanted to check with you.

We have product we produce in Canada and hereupon ship to our US facility in Utah.

This product is hereafter sold within the US online to customers via Amazon as well as our website.

My understanding hereafter is that we have no Nexus presence anywhere besides Utah and therefore do not need to collect sales taxes for any sales. Sold product is shipped from our Utah facility. Okay, I’m Located in Texas. Of course So in case you look for to be on the safe side I’d contact a sales tax expert of give a call or email to the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue, you only have to charge sales tax on taxable goods and services in places where you have sales tax nexus Services are generally not taxable in Pennsylvania. Would the tax only be on shipping, Therefore if I sell to an educational facility.

I’m under the impression the item will be taxed conforming to the state where the small guide is sent, if I sell to individual students.

Thus depending on Illinois’s definition of a retailer in their state when we ship product into the state of Illinois from our plants in either Wi or MN we are only to collect the Illinois state USE tax rate which is 25percent,.

Mark, your example for out of state seller on the basis of destination of the product into Illinois. These salespeople don’t do more than 3 of the 5 composite selling activities that Illinois defines for retailers. We have 2 outside salespeople that live in Illinois for our company. The reason I know so it is that I am presently going through a sales tax audit with the state of Illinois. That is what we had been doing. Oftentimes oops, I’m quite sure I added a ) to the link accidentally.

Here’s the link.

Here’s more to So if you don’t have sales tax nexus in Florida. Consequently, I recommend contacting a reputable accountant or sales tax expert, This one starts to get complicated as long as the writeshipping. PA and I ordered products from CA online, they said they had to charge me CA sales tax. Here’s a list of sales tax experts we recommend. Is that right also it for personal use? They would need to charge you a rate in Pennsylvania, not their California rate, Therefore if that company has nexus in Pennsylvania. Just keep reading! That doesn’t sound quite right. Oftentimes you only have to collect sales tax in states where you have sales tax nexus If you don’t have nexus, after that, you don’t necessarily need to collect sales tax. It looks like New Jersey considers having a repair person in the state to create nexus. You can make sure more about what almost any state considers nexus here. You only collect sales tax from buyers in states where you have sales tax nexus.

The 1099 contractor in a state depends.

Whenever in consonance with the interpretations we’ve heard, the contractor is considered to give you nexus if they are helping you directly with your work.

Contractor who created your logo should not give you nexus, a contractor who manufactures your products gives you nexus. While shipping taxability depends on the state, shipping is taxable in Texas in most cases. You can read more about that here. Let’s say if you sell to someone with a bill address in North Carolina but ship that item to Georgia therefore you wouldn’t need to charge sales tax. Notice, the sales tax is on the basis of the ship to address.

From our understanding, sellers only have to charge sales tax to buyer in states where they have sales tax nexus.

This seller, if he only has nexus in California, would only have to charge sales tax to buyers in California.

It does sound like you’d better not have paid sales tax. Greenville SC. Anyway, we have our vetted list. North Carolina customershow do I handle taxes? From our understanding, Arizona is the few states that is ‘originbased’ even for remote sellers. CPA. SC customers therefore charge 6percentage.-got it. There’s a lot more information about it on this website. Here’s more about sales tax in Texas. Here’s a vetted list. Texas as well as Minnesota. It’s a well that said, I’m almost sure I encourage you to contact a sales tax expert for your specific case. On top of that, our supplier is charging us sales tax being that they are based in Florida, where we are in Texas.

Texas. Florida. This guide even includes the exact sales tax settings you must use in Amazon Seller Central. Nonetheless, we’ve put together a guide to sales tax for Amazon FBA sellers, since they have an especially tricky time of it. Now let me tell you something. Amazon FBA sellers have to deal with sales tax nexus in their home states and in remote states. Let me tell you something. Must i charge sales or use tax to out of state buyers, or only to buyers in Pennsylvania, since the US branch is a separate entity. My be charged tax for the product located in Florida, Product an is located in Florida. Also, since I have write shippers in 3 different states, now my question is does that mean if any person is living in either 3 of those states, on the basis of their home state or is it only the state the live in that the product is also coming from?

Illinois wouldn’t pay tax since the product is located in Florida.

Hi, in my opinion I have figuring out Nexus down but I look for to ensure I have this correct.

For any fulfillment centre you have in any state, customers from that state could be charged taxes on the order regardless if the products they’re buying are actually fulfilled from that state. However, the states they are in, I have to charge taxes for the residents that live there that purchase a product coming from the writeshipper in their state. Shopify in specifying taxes and they told me this but I don’t feel it’s correct. Now pay attention please. That part is being okay with understanding. So in case you had a fulfillment centre in Florida, was only ordering products that the centres in California and NY fulfill, their order still sees the state’s taxable rate on the cart, California and NY and a customer was ordering from Florida. We are based in TX and have a customer from ND ordering material.

They are listed as taxable but as they are out of state we dont collect tax BUT they are collecting the material in TX. We apply TX sales tax since point of sale ends in TX, right? CPA as long as the delivery thing is where you might get in trouble. Please advise. You should take this seriously. From my understanding, I am the reseller so I shouldn’t get taxed. Now please pay attention. Hi, I am a distribitor of promotional marketing goods. If they will have shipped them to any other state I should not been charged sales tax. Should I be charged the California sales tax being out of state? Now please pay attention. My supplier where i purchased my goods for resale, has charged me California sales tax being that they shipped them directly to my customer in California.

My business location is in Florida and one of my customers is in California.

I can’t find this list anywhere.

BUT, they must make it easy to file and pay these taxes. It almost feels like at the moment WI is striving to bully me into paying out of ignorance. Now look. What I am attempting to find is a list of other states like that. Usually, nJ is one. That said, hi, I have an interesting scenario… Our company is incorporated in Delaware, owned 50/50 by a Pennsylvania resident and me, a UK citizen. We sell copywriting services and all our business is conducted over email and phone with the final copy emailed to customers who may be in any state. The copy is written and edited by both of us. Any idea if and how sales tax applies to us? We are located in Missouri and sell over the phone to everyone in the USA. Eventually, as an example, our product/shop is located in Missouri and a customer bought items that we are shipping directly to them in Arkansas.

Thank you SOOOOOOOO much for your help.

It really is helping me to get my fledgling business off the ground.

You now. You’re giving all of us this information freely without charging. Now look. So in case you had an employee in MA so you’d have nexus there I’d say if you’re based in onnecticut and ONLY have nexus in Connecticut. Let me tell you something. Wisconsin? California. That said, wisconsin and an online shop. i am planning to have to start charging my California customers sales tax…, when my customers order from Wisconsin and live in California. For instance, local taxes may apply to you, hi Courtney, You shouldn’t have any sales tax nexus if you are actually making the sale in other countries.


We have a CA resale certificate on file with our supplier.

Our customers order computer equipment and peripheral devices from us. We order from our supplier, our supplier write ships to the customer. Essentially, we do not have nexus in NY. Eventually, we do not keep inventory. Why are we being charged sales tax on our purchase from the supplier? That’s one reason things get so tricky. Nonetheless, toronto Canada and I have a designer who lives in Hawaii. He claims that he has to charge me his 4percentage tax on his invoices. Does quite similar thing apply here? Since sales tax is governed at the state level bear in mind that you have to follow every state’s rules. Can he charge me this tax or will I be exempt from this tax? Now please pay attention. You can take a glance at our Sales Tax 101 Guide for a clear, concise explanation. Ontario tax being that they are exempt. Here’s an example of how TaxJar makes that simple. You need to compile sales and taxes collected for almost any jurisdiction you made a sale. That’s fine. CO and am ordering products from Sierra Trading Post and they’ve been recently acquired by TJX so they must now tax my purchases.

If candles are taxable in NC so you have sales tax nexus in NC and need to collect sales tax from buyers in NC. You only need to collect sales tax in states where you have sales tax nexus. Travel to another state to participate in markets, what if you live in Illinois. It’s up to you to determine if your business creates nexus in GA or NC, You’d have home state nexus in SC. Do NY sales tax in NYC if I am there for an antique show, as an example? I recommend checking out this guide to getting up to speed on sales tax, if it does. Here are all of theoriginbased states. Just think for a moment. You must be charging everyone in your state the rate for where your business is located, if you live in one of these states. Anyway, should we be charging the CO sales tax or stay with the CA sales tax?

This is a 2 partner practice and one partner just moved to CO and is now manufacturing and shipping products from CO but I am handling all the bookkeeping/sales from our CA office where the other partner remains.

CA that ships products worldwide.

All AP and AR come from our CA office, only the product is shipped from CO to our customers. What if I have a write shipping account set up in Florida and I ship to someone out of Florida. Just keep reading! If I sell to a company located in Georgia and I have determined that I have Nexus in Georgia do I have to charge the Georgia destination based sales tax rate or the Texas Origin based rate? Doesn’t that mean that two states expect me to collect sales tax, if Texas wants me to collect on the basis of where I ship from in Texas and Georgia wants me to collect on where I ship to in Georgia.

For you visual learners out there, here’s a map that shows the states.

They should charge the rate at the buyer’s ship to address in Illinois and not the PA rate, if they do have nexus in Illinois.

Here’s more about the factors that create nexus. Generally, you only need to collect sales tax from buyers in states where you have sales tax nexus. Of course, short answer is it depends on the state. States will say every of those locations are separate entities and any charges its own rate. Notice that since that’s the point where the inventory is turned over to the customer, Sales tax is generally depending on the point of sale. You can find more information about it on this site. Since that point of sale is in a place where you don’t have nexus after that, you don’t need to charge. Eventually, if you were shipping the goods to ND so they belong to you until that customer signs for them in ND. I’d advise to consider where the goods are turned over to the customer.

WI state INCOME tax as well, WI is making me go back to 2009 and up to 2014 and all WI sales are subject to not only sales/use tax.

Anyone that didn’t I pay the tax and a penalty.

I personally still have to pay a fine for not filing, even if there’s one of these years where all the customers paid the sales/use tax and my burden is zero. Customers that paid the sales/use tax I can report as paid. Normally, this post is also worth reading. Usually, it seems like they do not collect state tax from customers when the shipping is direct to the individual in NYC. Is this legit? A well-known fact that is. Online retailer and whole saler of electronic bike equipment based in Portland, Oregon collects NY state tax from NYC bike shop. Eventually, seems like the NY state resident must still pay their state tax.

I am not paying taxes in California, Romanian resident / citizen and I am not / was not a American resident / citizen.

Last time I asked for not being charged, I’m pretty sure I got the following answer.

In order to optimize shipping costs from USA, Know what guys, I want my items bought on ebay to be shipped to a childhood friend living now in California. Always the sellers are charging me taxes for California. It’s a well they must charge you sales tax, regardless of where you yourself live, if that seller has sales tax nexus in California and your item is shipped to California. Whether or not you are charged sales tax depends on the seller. Oftentimes the writeing company is delivering my writees to my filler in California.

Oregon business and I am buying writees for my hair care product line that now is filled in California.

Before any sales take place, my filled bottles are delivered to me in Oregon.

The writeing company is saying I must pay tax even if no sales are taking place in the state of CA. Here is the Hawaii technical tax department number if anyone has any technical questions about Hawaii tax ‘808 587 I’ hope this helps anyone else looking for this info. You only need to charge sales tax to customers in states where you have nexus. Consequently, this one issue with this one state has cost me thousands in penalties, fees and I don’t know what really is, So if this was not taxation without representation. Work in PA where I will like to start a side business, nY state. NY state. PA.

That said, we can’t give out specific sales tax advice so here’s a list of accountants should you need to consult one.

It depends on where you have nexus, not ‘Wal Mart’.

New Jersey to do repairs at one of my customers facilities. Sounds like you only have nexus in Tennessee so would charge when the shipdo address is in Tennessee. Just keep reading. WI and sell my jewelry online. Therefore, my confusion is what am I required to charge out of state buyer? Now look. Is that all i charge? Certainly, if they have nexus in NYC, In our understanding, they must generally collect sales tax from customers in that state. Write you’d need to charge the sales tax to the buyer, if you did. Nevertheless, yes, Virginia requires that people who purchase a taxable item in the state but don’t pay sales tax on it pay the use tax back to Virginia.

It doesn’t sound like you’ll have nexus in Virginia.

You may need to contact a sales tax expert to get this straightened out.

The seller has probably been advised to charge you sales tax since your items are shipped to California. Sylvia Dion of specializes in international sales tax and is a decent one to contact. Texas? What I don’t understand is this. My question should be who, Therefore in case you’re about to tell me that I DO need to charge other people. This is where it starts getting entertaining. Companies may have sales tax nexus in multiple states for any number of reasons.

You could ask the company why they charged sales tax, Therefore in case you think it’s a mistake. They may have employees or contractors there, use a 3rd party affiliate there, and all that states can elect to register with New York City and charge sales tax, if you only have sales tax nexus in Wisconsin. Here’s more about nexus. That’s interesting. You only need to charge sales tax to buyers in states where you have sales tax nexus. Normally. We have a company based in Canada and about a year ago we started a brand new US branch registered to the Department of state and with a nexus in our home state Berks.

Here’s a whole lot more about charging sales tax.

Normally your shopping cart will allow you to set up sales tax rates, if you do have nexus in other states, you generally charged depending on the sales tax rate at their destination. It seems odd to charge CO sales tax when all our addresses on the invoices state we are located in CA and they are sending payment to our CA office. Generally, no bookkeeping/invoicing To be honest I may not be quit understanding the case. Furthermore, no sales tax shouldn’t be used to change rates on an item and sales tax should definitely never be pocketed. Consequently, that’s the kind of thing that can cause big fine and penalties or even criminal charges.

It almost sounds like they are just doing some arbitrage. One seller is buying it from another seller after that, reselling it for a higher profit. Well, first it depends on if you have sales tax nexus in California. Then again, you don’t need to charge sales tax there, if you don’t. That depends on the merchant. If they have sales tax nexus in North Carolina they must charge you sales tax, if they don’t, they won’ Here are the huge issue starts. Furthermore, each site I run across where people ask do I have to collect sales use tax they are answered with if you have nexus in that state. For 2015 and up I am required to collect the sales/use tax from WI customer.

If you don’t have any nexus in a state with a sales tax after that, it sounds like you won’t need to charge sales tax. It’s up to you to make your business decisions. My recommendation. Of course tough for me to give you a firm answer without knowing a lot more about your business. While, you are required to charge that customer 8. Here’s an example. You make a sale to a customer inChesterfield, SC for an item that ain’t exempt of sales tax. Because your sellers are intending to have to collect sales tax and you’ll need to give them a way to charge sales tax, One final thought -this one can get complicated. An ecommerce company is based in CT but has nexus in PA and similar originbased states. This is a state we haven’t delved into yet so I recommend you contact the number above during Hawaii business hours. Therefore, HI is a very complicated state and it can be that they’re requiring him to pay the 4 out of his pocket if he doesn’t charge you, while it doesn’t sound like your designer has the nexus to charge you sales tax.

We are starting an ecommerce website in Oregon, a no sales tax state.

Does this choose all ‘states no’ tax when shipping from a no tax state???

Would we have to charge someone in califronia, a sales tax state?is there no for any longer as we are sending from a no sales tax state? Because of the geographical oddity that is our state line split metropolitan area, To be honest I would be selling to customers in GA, and must be physically delivering their items, or haivng them pick up in AL. Also, aL/GA border. Known alabama and my be selling items out of my home, and if I set up permanent storage/office space I understand it will need to also be in AL. Their rate is 5percent higher than ours BTW. It just seems wrong that we have to pay for awhile as of the final destination of the products when we as the seller and the customer/buyer are both in SC, CA for a while being that the order was write shipped there. We were told that if the order originated from Florida as well as shipped to Florida hereafter they have to charge tax. Usually, they had me fill out a questionnaire.

Besides, the state of WI recently contacted me.

Downloaded my software and purchased a license key from me, I’m almost sure I should have been collecting sales/use for any longer because a customer came to my site.

They obliged for ages being that you sell products to customers in WI. Well, that’s pretty plain cut. You see, the rest are legit. As a result, just wanted to see if you were paying attention. It’s abeing that they shipped it to California they have to charge us tax…again we are in Minnesota and we are his customer, in spite the fact that I am not a Resident of NY nor Even the Country, right? If I order a present for someone who lives in NYC. By the way I live in the UK. Of course cPA for a consult just to ensure you’re covered. We sell a software package to companies in a few states. Here’s more about nexus. Texas. Regardless, for the purpose of my question please assume I have nexus in all states referenced. That said, I’d say in case you’re just doing a service and not selling a product, you may not need a sales tax permit.

It sounds like you may have nexus in all of those states.

This depends on a few things.

California is one of a few states that doesn’t accept out of state resale certificates, to complicate matters. You see, you can also contact the California BOE. That said, for a concrete answer and any steps you can take, To be honest I recommend contacting a sales tax expert. Basically, it look like they have been in the right to charge on this occasion, advised that it’s just my understanding. Unless they had a reseller certificate from you, The company is supposed to charge sales tax on the basis of the ship to address, they probably saw themselves as required to charge sales tax. From what you’ve posted, it seems like as a rule of a thumb, be complying with sales tax law in CO and CA.

Most states consider an employee, a place of business, or inventory sufficient reason for compliance.

CGS Section 12 407″ lists a bunch of services subject to tax, Mark, you say that Connecticut doesn’t tax services.

While Assuming CT does tax services, and for company in NY, that state’s tax would apply, So if a CT consulting business did work for a company in MA. You would charge sales tax at the Pennsylvania rate. This can be very confusing. Then, we are based in Ardmore. Although. Hi, I’m almost sure I just started a jamaican seasoning business. Should like to sell to different states, mainly Delaware, New York City and California. Consequently, iF what you’re selling is tax exempt in PA, after that, you don’t necessarily need to collect sales tax. Now regarding the aforementioned fact… Just be sure with the state that seasoning is considered food. You’ll also have to check with them to make sure of what you’re selling is taxable, Therefore in case you have nexus in NY and CA. Normally, if you have sales tax nexus in other states where you are considered a remote seller, determine if it’s a good idea to collect sales tax at an originbased or destination rate in those states.

You are required to collect sales tax from customers in states where you have sales tax nexus.

Nexus means a connection or tie and can be established by having a presence in a state due to an office, store, warehouse and akin presence, an employee, contractor or sales person, an affiliate, or storing goods in a warehouse.

You must collect sales tax from all buyers in that state, Therefore if you have nexus in a state. Ohio is originbased, thus if you are based in Ohio you’d charge buyers sales tax depending on the rate at your location. That sounds right, while we always recommend you contact and accountant. If you don’t have sales tax nexus’salestaxnexusdefinition’/ -in any other states, so you don’t really need to charge sales tax to buyers in other states. You see, we don’t need to charge sales tax to the state we are shipping, I’d say in case we have no nexus in another state and our ecommerce business is in regon. You should take this seriously. That’s it, no other location.

Oregon and have a family-run entrepreneurship I run out of my garage selling stationary. Do so they probably won’t charge you sales tax. Most certainly the point of sale will be considered to be Ohio since the finished product is shipped to Ohio for use in Ohio, it is just speculation on my part. Do i charge them sales tax on these items or not.

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