Businesses And Partners Providing Services Disability Information For Anybody: If You Are A Disabled Veteran

 tax return calculatorDid you know that your business may qualify for tax credits and deductionswhen accommodating anybody with disabilities?

Those unable to complete their tax returns because of a disability may wish to consider free tax assistance sponsored by an organization that partners with the IRS in their communities. Check out the Volunteer Income Tax Assistanceor Tax Counseling for the Elderly Programsto learn more. I’m sure it sounds familiar.|Doesn’t it sound familiar?|Sounds familiar?|right? Special assistance is available for persons with disabilities, or for those who are elderly, have lowtomiddle incomes or do not speak English. Also, learn more about what your business can doto reach out to this population and the benefits you may receive in return. Yes, that’s right! Please visit our Veterans with Disabilities page, if you are a disabled veteran.

The IRS provides tax products in avariety of accessible file formats. Every year thousands of organizations nationwide join with IRS to helppeople who need tax help. It’s a well visit the Accessible IRS Tax Productspage to download these files now. Your organization should be a goodcandidate to partner with IRSfor tax assistance in your community, if your organizationworks with or serves people with disabilities who have low to moderate incomes. Working together, IRS and other groupsdeliver financial education as well asothertaxservices free to the public.

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The IRS and its partners are making a focused effort to provide financial education and let people know about tax preparation assistance that’s available to anyone with disabilities. Lex introduces the terrific online services available for people with disabilities. Select the video link and select the Leave IRS Site link to start the video. Check out the English/ASL video on the IRS YouTube Channel and meet Lex, the Tax Time canine. Business owners who accommodate anyone with disabilities may also be eligible for tax credits.

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