Child Tax Credit Explained

child tax credit Be sure to read this article, that is relevant for the 2010/2011 tax year, if you are confused as to whether or how much that you and your partner are entitled to Child Tax Credit. While living together or in a civil partnership can’t apply as a single person as their incomes must be added together, that ‘couples be’ they married. If your family income is more than 50000 you full scale and have two young boys. Besides, Lily is selfemployed and brings home 10400 per annum, Lucas is employed and earns 26000 per annum. For the tax year of 2010/2011 they are entitled to 5541 of Child Tax Credit. The renewal deadline is the 31 July. You must renew your claim annually to the HMRC, as incomes can vary drastically from year to year. However, though we can only make claims on your behalf if every of you has previously signed a form authorising us to act and you are both clients of ours. All claims can be handled either online at If you have to require help or advice in this matter, please don’t hesitate to contact us at Bright Star Accounting.

We will happily give any advice that you might need, even if you do not wish for us to act formally.

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