Depending On Where You Live: Which States Tax Social Security Retirement Benefits

social security tax a number of retirees are surprised by the big bite that taxes can take out of their savings.

Relying on where you live, the tax hit can be especially painful. As a result, virtually, as long as a state taxes Social Security doesn’t mean it’s a bad place to retire. Overall, Colorado and West Virginia are actually ‘taxfriendly’ places to live in retirement despite the tax on Social Security. Kiplinger’s tax maps can help. Weigh a state’s entire tax picture from income tax to sales tax to property tax to better should be taxed and how you can budget for those costs. Check out the most ‘tax friendly’ states for retirees and the least tax friendly states for retirees to identify your best place for retirement.

Instead of complaining about taxes what if you complain about what the taxes are spent on like 1 TRILLION ON AFGANISTAN.

social security taxDamn thieves! States like Illinois.

Do you know an answer to a following question. Why now you do an article on states with income taxes that tax income earned in other states, this is the case right? Basically, they also tax her income earned in the state we live in that was not earned in the state of Illinois. Millions on border patrols that provide nothing. Also, taxation with representation!

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