Family-Run Enterprise

Disillusioned by President Obama’s unconstitutional intervention in Libya, his secretive drone killings, and his failure to rein in mass surveillance of all Americans, I’m quite sure I wrote that while I wasn’t entirely sure whether Mitt Romney will be better or worse, I’m almost sure I would cast a protest vote for Gary Johnson.

The relies uniquely on personal tax rates to raise revenue and we have relatively low personal tax rates.

These numbers might understate how low taxes are in the Unlike most advanced economies, the don’t supplement personal income taxes with a national sales tax, or value added tax. For example, Consumption taxes accounted for about a fifth of total revenue in 2008 compared to a OECD average of 32 percent. Download Form 1040X and the accompanying instructions from the Internal Revenue Service website or order the forms by calling, lines 5 22″ for adjustment to the quantity of tax before credits, line 622 for nonrefundable credit changes, lines 6 22 for other taxes, and lines 1022 for changes to payments and refundable credits.

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