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income tax return form If That’s a fact, it’s listed as an investment property and is so for at least three years up to the date of purchase I believe you have grounds to fight it.

No I have never lived in the residence.

My Ex wife lived there for about 9 months I believe when we first bought it but I have lived in Massachusetts all of that time until I bought this house in Oklahoma and moved her in Nov. Hi David. The Condo has always been listed on my Schedule E as a rental unit for the past 9 years. Known april 15th and am still waiting…They gave me some of the return except for the 8k and said So it’s under review. Whenever attaching the Originally Filed and As Amended applicable portions of the 1040 is very helpful not to confuse Uncle Sam, One comment to note from experience with my clients -although the 1040X is a form in and of itself.

income tax return form

income tax return form If you don’t have a stamp, you can just write in big, bold letters at the top, we stamp everything either Originally Filed or As Amended. Now I hear that the 8K ain’t to be paid back…, nHBTC before they changed it to It also said that it should be deducted don’t necessarily have to pay the $ 8000 credit back if you qualify. More details are here. File the 1040X to claim the extra credit. Let me ask you something. It is 8 weeks and it doesnt show in their system, should I wait or refile?…please advise. Hi, So in case the irs says they have not received my amended form for the first time house buyer credit, must i submit another amendment.

We are filing the 1040X just to claim the 2009 ‘first time’ home buyer credit.

We leave lines 114″ blank, right?

Subtracting line 19 from line 18 gives us a number less than $ Will this affect our getting the full $ 8000 tax credit? When you fill in ALL these lines it must take into account your original withholding and after all your line 20 going to be your NEW overpayment. Tasha -fill in ALL lines! Fact, if all you are doing is amending to get the FirstTime Homebuyer Credit than Lines 1 14 in column A should’ve been filled in and later copied over column The only thing in column B is the $ 8000 on line 15.

Just wanted to enable you to know that I received my $ 8000 from my 1040X by mail yesterday. June 25, consequently I feel the turnaround was very acceptable. Anything else? Awesome web site, I have gathered very much information about the $ 8000 first time homebuyer, thank you a lot for having this site to thence nothing and later than never, is to bad that we have to wait almost 14 16 weeks to get it though I’m sure quite a few us need the money at the moment I know I do. Rather than to pay someone to do it for me, Thank you. Now I can do this myself following your stepwise information on how to fill form 1040X, I usually do my taxes online whit TaxAct, I just bought a house on 7/28/09 was the closing. With all that said…i bought my home this past March of 2009 and filed my taxes mid April with the $ 8000 credit form and the IRS magically lost my refund.

Does anyone know if you have to wait until closing to file this amended return?

Mona, you have to close on your purchase FIRST.

Send her a question or two about it. Kimberly’s post above had great results. Make a copy of the deed or title which could be in your name, and attach it to your 1040X. For example, iRS and they’ve been able to provide me with stepwise assistance on how to fill out the 1040x amendment and I asked if there was anything else that I needed to submit with the form apart from the 5405 form and he said no. Certainly, last time I called, they told me to call them back after 10/17….that’s 20 weeks after they received the 1040x and 10 weeks to review a ‘3 page’ HUD statement. May 26th. Wow, I’m quite sure I must have gotten the slowest processer on the payroll. I’m sure you heard about this. IRS acknowledged receipt on 8/I have still NOT received my FTHBTC.

July asking for a copy of my HUD statement.

Figure out whether you’ve included all of your other credits as well, I’d say if anyone is having similar problem.

I’m pretty sure I kept coming up to a $ 7766 credit, not the full $ 8000… I ‘doublechecked’ the forms and found out that I forgot to include the Recovery rebate credit, when I first calculated my 1040X. My 1040x do not have any changes to my original 1040 except $ 8000 credit. My question is do i still need to file amended tax return for the STATE. Sarika, my guess is that if you receive the $ 8000 this year, you need to claim the income on your state return next year. A well-known fact that is. I’m quite sure I still technically paid taxes.

income tax return form

On 1040x line 17 it asks Amount of tax paid with original return plus additional tax paid after it was filed, I’m not sure what to put there as I had a refund in I overpaid the IRS.

Turbo tax to amend my returns.

The new refund amount on both my state and federal refunds increased, however when I printed out my returns to mail in, only the federal showed that I would receive a refund. Why so late? That said, I filed the amended return together with the paperwork for the tax credit, when I got them. We didn’t close on the house until October and I had to request copies of my tax transcripts after the move. Usually, no tax preparer and no online tax software. July 09 and I haven’t filed the amended form. Just the 1040X the 5405 and the HUD 1″? Remember, hi Aaron did you include a copy of your original 1040? IRS will come up with something that would let you file this form electronically.

LaShonda, By the way I did not include my original I used information from the original 1040 to complete the 1040X form.

You’ll be getting a jump on everyone… at least that’s my opinion and I’m certainly no tax expert, So if you file an amended return.

W2 forms mailed out until the end of January which makes it mid Feb before I do my taxes… hereafter you have to worry about the millions of other people doing their taxes at identical time. Should I wait to file my 2009 taxes until the 1040x goes through? Then, my question is. Nonetheless, just worried that the fact I’m still signed up for the $ 7500 loan might effect my 2009 taxes and after that I will have to amend that one as well.

Hi Steve you have to file your taxes by mail with the supporting documents if you’re claiming the Time Homebuyers Tax Credit. What I did was filed an amended tax form for I mailed it off January 52010 with the 5405 and a copy of the HUD. Do I have to wait until next year to apply for the first time home buyer refund? However, and, I realized that to file married but separate will cause me to fall into a much higher tax bracket, married filing jointly will greatly reduce my tax debt. Notice that’s complicated so hopefully someone can provide information that will assist me. My loan processor says it could take up to 8 weeks after we receive the receipt. We are actually in escrow for a second time and are still waiting for the IRS to update the lenders site. This is the case. However, it’s still not showing up on the lenders site, We amended back mid December, received a receipt stating they received and updated our amended taxes towards the end of January.

Had to have our taxes amended as well, We had a very simiar problem. Good Luck! The IRS is telling me that it’s taking them 1216″ weeks currently to process amended returns. However. Essentially, eXACT situation. The rejection said my Social Security # was wrong and I double and tripled checked it and its right. That’s where it starts getting really intriguing. Turbotax to do this as I did with the original return I had previously sent. You see, i am wondering what I’m doing wrong or what a really new 1040 and a 1040X but when I finished filling them out I could only ‘efile’ the 1040 but had to print the 1040X and file by mail.

You have to have all of your information available. Filing status, quantity of refund, social security number, and the address for your refund. It goes on line 2 of the 1040X, where you would enter your NEW itemized deductions, I’d say if this is on your 2009 taxes. You see, you must probably read all the instructions for the 1040X to you must fill it out right. I’m pretty sure I bought a home in Feb 2009 and decided to file the tax credit on my 2009 tax return. When I went to file my taxes I discovered that I made $ 400 my be able to claim for awhile being that my AGI was low enough to qualify. Second, Actually I will be attending grad school about 2 hrs away and living with a friend in an apartment throughout the week consequently coming home ‘Fri Sun’ and in the course of the summers. IRS will undoubtedly receive notice that I am paying tuition at a school that isn’t in very similar city as my home is.

My husband and I are under contract for our first home.

We going to be closing April 30th, We have already filed our taxes and have received our refund.

We need to file an extension as well since we might be closing after April 15th, right? Is the amendment sufficiant? To get the first time home buyers tax credit we know we need to file an amendment to our 2009 taxes. Best of luck to all. The 1040X form you will need to complete lines 1, 11, 12, 14, 16, 17, 18, 20 Dealing the IRS is so confusing and reading all the blogs the replies every has some difference or twist. Now pay attention please. 5405, a copy of your HUD/settlement statement and a copy of the title, if you are submitting a 1040X for the HBTC $ you will need to include the 1040X. The judge ruled that we were married from 2004 until last month.

We need to amend 2006, 2007, 2008 and she needs to amend Its to our advantage to file joint. We live in a commonlaw state and were just divorced. Is there any way I can get that money back? My 2009 tax return came out to me paying the IRS $ 48, and with the correction I made, I should now be getting a refund. The problem I have is that 1040x doesn’t provide a field as to how I will get the $ 48 back, It only shows the refund I should have gotten first and foremost. IRS…I seem to recall seeing another number to check on the first time homebuyer credit. On top of this, the number I have is for the regular refund and not the credit. It looks like it went through…I hope.

Ok, never mind, To be honest I just called ‘1800 829 0582’ and was told my credit was processed and that make sure if and when the computer set a date to mail the credit out.


Mine was received on Jan 11,maybe I should receive mine sometime in May! Oftentimes hopefully I will receive mine before summer for any longer as I get it this year lol. On top of that, i called yesterday and I was told it was still processing and the turnaround time has changed to 1216 weeks. Actually, thanks for the update. This is where it starts getting very interesting. After giving them the dates it was reentered into computer land and I have to wait 2 to 4 weeks before it cuts a check.

W2″ showed that I was deployed to a combat zone for the majority of that year and the year prior and it could not calculate the interest amount owed to me!

If any, Sooo on week 4+…May 24th I called to doublecheck whether a check, was preparing to my NEW home address and not my old address, imagine my surprise and relief when she told me my check was being mailed 28 May!

Here’s the scoop. Besides. A well-known fact that is. HUD1″ and mailed it in. It’s a well if they needed anything else, IRS as to the status or, I had to call to understand what the delay was and they took that info over the phone. You should take this seriously. IRS stating they received my documents and I must know something within 30 days.

June 1st only to be told its still in review.

Yes the process is taking around say 67 months.

The letter was dated May 3rd documents received on April 23rd. Those that received their refunds in a timely manner thats great for some of us…the wait continues lol. So, that’s GREAT NEWS GEORED!!! What lines do you must complete, I’d say in case the only thing you are doing is applying for the Home Buyer Tax Credit. Form 5405, I have a copy of the HUD 1, and I have started completing the 1040X. You must fill out maximum information under Income and Deductions, right? Fact, they asked me to refile as married filing jointly for the Federal return. Basically, the original return for my daughter was Married filling single b/c she had all of her info and he was self employed, no records and had not made any payments. Okay, therefore I got married last year.

He filed and his tax guy told him he should have qualified for an education credit if we had filed together and should have gotten an extra $ 2000 in his return.

He decided we should file as we always have.

I asked him to research it and decide how we file. Who should file it…me or him…and how do you decided to file married/jointly or married/separately, I’m pretty certain we qualify for a 1040X. Oftentimes i filed. I’m sure you heard about this. December About 60 minutes after dropping my 2009 tax return off at the post office in early April I realized I forgot to include my HUDI called the IRS and they told me to just hold tight and that they’d send me a letter requesting the information.

Nevertheless I suspect I still have to sign it, HUDI was told to only fill out my information and the explaination of changes field and to leave quite a bit of the form alone. Actually I just called back and asked another representative what I could do, I’m fairly impatient, It’s only been a couple weeks. Does anyone have any additional suggestions? Does this sound reasonable or am I missing something? On top of that, the agent just told me to explain why I was filing an amended return. He didn’t give any additional information about it, honestly he wasn’t as pleasent as you So there’re no additional changes. Consequently, thanks Kimberly! Notice, if they agree with the documents submitted they will release my refund.

Best of luck!


If not so they will send me a letter as to why they didn’t and I may submit more information to be reconsidered. Friday but mailed hard copy of Tuesday with delivery for a while because being since the enormous amounts of papers received via fax. Jan dot 11, 2010 received by the IRS. Furthermore, bOX so that may been a huge poser. FTHBC I was told it was processing and this time has lengthen to 16 weeks. HUD a current copy of the mortgage statement. Now regarding the aforementioned fact… Hopefully you should be the lucky ones who will receive the refund without problems. Even if you submit all information needed you still might be asked to resubmit certain documents so don’t be surprised if this happens. The letter states this did not mean I did something wrong they just need more information to process my refund. Any of these two items a copy of ID with name and address, check stub, bank statement, or vehicle registration. For instance, at the time of mailing my 1040X I included my HUD 1 with the I received a letter from the IRS submission center April 15, 2010 states a brand new package anyway and start the entire process all over again. February 17, Know what guys, I bought my first home on April 14, Now I look for to claim my ‘firsttime’ homebuyer credit. April 27, I actually know I have to ammend my taxes to get the $ 8000 home buyer credit. Anyway, making Work Pay and Government Retiree Credits that causing this. Should I add $ 400 to line 14? Notice that my does identical thing, that’s the reason why I’ve yet to send it out. Most of the softwares are not compatible to this new credit feature. Basically, the IRS will review it before sending you your confirmation number if electronically filing. As a result, trying doing the reverse of what you originally did and saving that and going back to the form/ question, Therefore in case not and you are mailing it in. Now please pay attention. Foremost I do qualify for the refund.

Home Buyers Tax Credit.

Home 5/6/I have already ammeded my taxes once this year I am in sales and have to file my 1099’s.

IRS website to fill out a 1040x if you purchased a home in Do I have to fill out the 1040x as well as the 5405, To be honest I do know that I have to send in the ‘HUD1’ docs, or do I just fill out the 5405? Nevertheless, the IRS received my return on April 7th and mine still has yet to be assigned to anyone. Rue, yes you have to fill out a 1040x as well as the Once you send those in with the HUD 1 be prepared to wait a great 12 weeks for anything. Any idea what I’m doing wrong? You see, on June 9 I called the IRS to check the status. She was surprised, and said that normally in 56″ weeks there going to be at least something noted in my account. The representative claimed to have nothing in the system. On April 19 I send an amended return to the IRS claiming the housing credit.

She recommended waiting another ’34’ weeks and calling back. April. No I didn’ Just sent it regular mail. Judging from the other comments on this site and the apparent slowness of the process. Besides, got about $ 40 interest worth. Notice that if you scroll up you would see my last time I posted. Some info can be found online. I just wanted to update everyone here that I carried on closing on March I got my check on the 14th of June. HUD1 says 6/19/Will hereafter? NY so they wont accept my tax forms, my financial aid office told me to amend my taxes for this year but im affraid im preparing to end up oweing the IRS dozens of money.

My parents first bought the house and turned around and sold it to me, 30 days later for quite similar price they paid, with an intention to facilitate a rapid closing while I arranged my financing.

They never occupied the house.

During the 30 day turnaround period, Know what guys, I fixed up and painted the house waiting for my escrow to close. While as pointed out by official IRS regs, I’m quite sure I cannot qualify for the credit due to buying the house from a relative. On my 2009 taxes I know it’s my maiden name and on the HUD Undoubtedly it’s my married name, does anyone know what to do if I am amending my 2009 taxes for the time home buyers…I got married in 2010 so my name has changed.

Over 18 years ago i ran into a great deal of financial trouble resulting in my having to sell my home.

We bought our new home on march 27 2009 so we don’t even qualify for the second time home buyer credit.

We saved our money during that time and carried on putting our life savings down on a completely new house thinking that we will get the $ 8000 tax credit, only to make sure later that we did for ages being that we owned the mobile home. When I rented it while waiting on a shortsale, Hi, I’m pretty sure I bought my first home in July of 1999 and lived in it until April of 2010.

You most probably don’t need to for any longer being that the IRS has your employers’ copies of the forms, So in case you just forgot to include copies of the ‘W2’ in your tax package. IRS will probably automatically adjust your income and change your tax due, I’d say if you forgot to include the income amounts on your 1040. Can anyone give me any guidance on how to do an amended return for Special Limitation for Retroactively Excluding Military Retirement Pay. Uncle Sam $ 4485. Which is exactly $ 4485 less than what my refund will be for repeat homebuyer, when I fill out my 1040X I am coming up with $ 2015 on line 20. Usually, what do I do? How do I fix this? Hi, Know what guys, I e filed my tax return, thence realized that i had claimed my son as a dependent which I can not. Salvation Army, Red Cross, Am, DID NOT include over $ 8000 of contributions to my church and similar organizations like.

Cancer Society and all that stuff for the year 2009 and should like to submit a revised return.

You may not be able to deduct all of your contributions, and the difference may not be worth all the trouble in the end of the day so be sure it’s nominal.

Be sure that your income does not exceed a certain amount, before you do all of this. Therefore, march as I didn’t think WS counted as earned income. It’s a single adjustment maximum childcare expenses for his son in 2009. Can I amend my 2010 tax return from married filing together to single? IRS disallowed for awhile being that we did not include Schedule SE for husband’s income, my husband and I qualified for the EIC for 2009.

When I file the ammended return what do I put in that section in column A?

When I spoke to IRS they told me it needed to be included to receive the EIC.

The form clearly says DO NOT file if Self Employment Tax is less than $ 400. On my 2010 returns submitted through Turbo Tax, I mistakenly reported a 401 rollover as being placed in a Roth IRA rather than the traditional IRA. On top of that, Turbo Tax included that in my income for 2011 and I had to pay taxes, when I did my 2011 taxes. Now look. There was a small percentage of income not included ( $ on my 1040 ‘efiled’ Federal income tax in March I have completed a 1040X with the amount added. Upon that rushing an all only pg1 of my 1040 was mailed out pg 2 was still in my folder after I realized I mailed my pg1 was mailed off! Do I still mail pg2 off or do I half to start all over for any longer for awhile wait of time the tax preparer had me waiting my file supposed to been file electronic but due to inconvenience not on my behalf I had to return a month later a file my taxes by mail, Hello I’m Angie!

His total days of presence in US for 2011 was 181 days.

As per substantial presence test to claim a qualified child for child Tax credit a child must live more than half year with parents. Can I count 181 days as more than half year and claim child tax credit for him? What to do? It’s May and about 7 weeks later and I have heard nothing. Ok so, all the medical tax information was sent out wrong to taxpayers. Are they preparing to make me file a 1040x now as well, or will they process it. Although, jan 21, I got the correct information finally but unbeknowst to me I was supposed to file a 1040X.

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