She Had Four Years Worth Of Refunds Coming To Her: Tax Refund Estimator

IRS keeping tax refunds that my mother had been owed for years.

She had four years worth of refunds coming to her. Prima Tax Relief managed to get her refunds from the IRS and my brothers and I were able to use the money to clear up her estate. Nevertheless, thank you again Prima. She was senile and didn’t have the ability to sort out the significant issue with the IRS. Prima ok problem care in just a few months, after years of frustration and anger. Of course, she died before she could get a resolution.

Couldn’t believe how stressful the last few months are.

Even when I didn’t always feel very calm, even when I’ve been almost hysterical on the phone Jeff was there for me and managed to calm me down. Now it looks like there is light right after the tunnel. Even when I asked difficult questions he was able to answer them clearly. Every time I called him, he was very informative and updated me with everything that was going on with my case. Every step of this painful process I am able to call him and get assurance that my home isn’t will be seized or that I am not going to jail. My life has changed completely since I talked to Jeff at Prima Tax Relief. It feels great!

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