Free Weekend – Stores Prepare For Tax

tax free The school start year is right around the corner and so is Georgia’s annual taxfree weekend.

It’s happening next weekend on Saturday, July 30 and Sunday, July 31.

Clothing, computers and other school supplies are included in the ‘taxfree’ deals. Best Buy’s Geek Squad supervisor Dustin Welch says they are already preparing for next weekend and he calls it a mini Black Friday.

tax freeThere’s the obvious computers and tablets that are going to qualify.

Even things like batteries and adapters to charge laptops with, says Welch. Printers and ink, paper…virtually everything that can be used for educational reasons is going to qualify for that tax free weekend. Usually, there areSo there’re a few exceptions that will still be taxed, such as items over a certain dollar amount.

Clothing over mainverbmainverb1000 unfortunately will not be able to have tax free applied to it, Welch said.

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