If They Get Anything: Here’s Why Uber And Lyft Send Drivers Such Confusing Tax Forms

People who earn money through Uber, Lyft, Airbnb, Task Rabbit and plenty of other companies in the sharing economy often get neither form.

That is all about 68997 in gross debit card payments last year. Normally, it’s usually Form ‘1099 K’, a relatively new and confusing document used mainly to report credit and debit card payments and online transactions, So if they get anything.

I know that the first thing he saw was a quote attributed to Albert Einstein, when Ashlock went onto Lyft’s online on planet earth to understand is the income tax.

Getting a 1099 K adds to the confusion. It’s easy to see why entrepreneurs in the ‘ondemand’ economy are befuddled, So if Einstein couldn’t learn the tax system.

It requires banks and identical entities that provide credit and debit card acceptance services to send this form to merchants with whom they do business.

The form, that also goes to the IRS, shows the gross revenue a merchant received on payment cards the previous calendar year. Even in gross transactions reported on his 1099 K included 806 in bridge tolls paid by passengers, 3381 in ‘saferide’ fees. For retailers, it might include shipping fees and items that were returned.

Another problem.

No IRS forms, instructions or publications explain where to put this income, says Jerri Langer, an attorney with Cokala Tax Information Reporting Solutions. Never did, the IRS was expected to put a line on the tax form for this number. That said, unless there’s a specific exemption for it, sole proprietors should usually include it with gross receipts and sales on Schedule C. That similar to tolls paid by passengers or fees paid to their online platform can be deducted on Schedule C, together with other businessrelated expenses. Companies that pay an independent contractor at least pluralplural600 from bonuses, mentor training and reimbursements get Form ‘1099 MISC’. Only those who give at least 200 rides and generate at least and 200 transactions threshholds.

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