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tax forms You’ve likely received quite a lot of tax reporting forms already, with tax season on the way.

Sunday, or legal holiday -which is the case in 2016 for the January due date -issuers have until the next business day, Therefore if the regular due date falls on a Saturday. Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg\r\n\r\nThe form that most folks care about is the form W 2, that has an annual January 31 due date. Your tax form is considered on time if the form is properly addressed and mailed on or before that date. Then again, here’s what to do, So if you haven’t received a tax form by the due date. Photographer. Please do not panic, I’d say if you haven’t.

You’ve likely received heaps of tax reporting forms already, with tax season on the way.

tax formsYou should also bear in mind that using the form 4852 may mean that you have to wait for any longerer for your tax refund while the information is verified. Then, don’t panic, if you haven’t.

Let me ask you something. When exactly are the majority of forms due to you? There are quite a few exceptions. Here’s a brief look at the general due dates for most of the most popular forms. It’s worth noting that there’re in the end of the day, tax law.

One final piece of advice.

At the most basic, the IRS matches forms W 2 and forms 1099 to the information on your tax return. Anyways, trust me. Don’t give the IRS a reason to give yours a second look. IRS specifically prohibits tax preparers from submitting electronic returns prior to the receipt of all forms ‘W 2’, ‘W2G’ and 1099- Filing before you have your forms in hand also sets you up for a potential audit. Not only are you making it rough with your preparer to figure it out, you’re asking them to break the rules. Actually, you look for your tax return to look like everybody else’s tax return. IRS will flag your return for additional examination, I’d say in case the information doesn’t match. That might be true in junior high but it’s not true at the IRS. My mom -who is right almost generally about everything -used to tell me that it was okay to be different.

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