An Income Tax Refund Estimator Can Get You A Larger Refund

tax estimator Which tax form must you file to get the largest tax refund, the 1040EZ short form or the 1040A long form? Well, that depends. When it boils down to filling out tax forms the 104EZ is the easiest to complete, it doesn’t offer you as many chances to use tax deductions and credits to cut your tax bill. Of course, you will be missing out on valuable tax credits and deductions, everybody wants to get their taxes done as easy and fast as possible. 1040A or 1040EZ, when you decide to prepare and file your taxes online you usually have the option of figuring your taxes both ways. This option allows the computer to make the calculations both ways, to see which one results in a lower tax bill for you.

Whenever taking the time to look at your taxes both ways can really help to give you a bigger tax refund this year, Whichever you decide.

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