Is The Magic Number – Irs Tax Debt And The Statute Of Limitations

tax id number There are a bit of you out there who been in debt to the IRS for years.

You’re just not seeing that debt go down, maybe you’re in a payment plan.

The IRSHitman has good news and bad news. You ask yourself if you’re ever planning to pay it off. The bad news is you will probably never pay it off. The IRS is limited by a Statute of Limitations which gives them 10 years to collect on a debt. On top of this, after the 10 years the debt is erased. However, don’t think that you can just get away with not paying your debt for 10 years. Mainly since during those 10 years the IRS is should be using every collection type action they can against you. It’s not as simple as you intending to keep your credit score so low you won’t be able to get a loan for anything. I’m sure that the IRS can’t take any collection action against you while it’s in process, So if you file for Bankruptcy. Finally the IRS can file a form 900 waiver if you enter into an installment payment plan that can increase the length of the Statute of Limitations by another 5 years.

tax id number IRS can’t stay on your back forever.

Use it!

Now you have the smoking gun. He left that behind and now helps thousands of Americans beat Uncle Sam and save thousands of dollars. He was a revenue officer who took out anyone that owed the IRS money.

Visit at. Richard Close was a ‘IRSHitman’. That said, the ‘IRS Hitman’ can basically arms you with the skills to slash your tax debt, He offers free advice and tips on removing wage garnishments and bank levies.

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