As A Matter Of Fact It’s Shaping Up As A Major Dogfight In Congress – Tax Credits For Illegal Immigrants

earned income tax creditThis is a rare case of a Internet rumor with some substance to it.

In fact, it’s shaping up as a major dogfight in Congress. The Washington Post and others reported on this last year when the Treasury Department’s inspector general for tax administration issued a report on July 7. While accusing Republicans who look for to end them of a heartless attack on children, At issue we’ve got the federal child tax credits that can be claimed by persons with dependent children under age me Democrats are already defending these child tax credit payments that have gone to those without a valid Social Security number. WTHRTV is far from the first to notice, a couple of different versions of this viral email all cite a recent investigative story by a Indianapolis television station.

The title of the report summed up the IG’s finding. The IG report stated that more than 3 million persons who did not have Social Security numbers valid for working in the got an average of roughly 2 Billion in Refundable Credits. That included 9000 illegal immigrants who any got a total of million a year. Congress did not enact a similar requirement when it created the child tax credit, that went into effect in tax year 1998 at 500 the following year.

It’s an interesting fact that the 2001 Bush tax cuts made more parents eligible for refundable credits, and increased the amount in steps to million, and in 2008, these claims had risen to 1526276 persons claiming billion cited by the IG.

earned income tax credit Release of the IG report last year sparked a Republican effort to stop the payments, and an emotional opposition to that effort from Democrats. They argue that the beneficiaries of the credits are in effect the -born children of the ‘low income’ parents who claim the credits. In a statement issued in January, it said. The effort to stop the payments is also opposed by the National Council of La Raza. More than 4 million Latino children and their families will face greater hunger, poverty, and similar severe hardships if this proposal is enacted.

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