My 2015 Return Was Direct Deposited To My Account By May 11: Tracking Down Your Tax Refund

 tax return calculatorApril 18, 2016, all in same envelope.

I would like to ask you a question. Nothing what could the hold up ve? This is six weeks past date I mailed in forms, My 2015 return was direct deposited to my account by May 11, 2016 despite the fact that there were never any bars indicated then. My husband and I filed 1/26 it was accepted 1/27 and we still have no refund, irs ld us it was selected for review we’ve called 5 different times and there’s nothing holding it and we were ld day we should have had a deposit. It seems I may be making a call/calls to ‘1 800 829 1040’ to get to bottom of it.

Second week in Feb. Now they still have nothing. They ld me to send again. Now regarding the aforementioned fact. This is my first time having to send something in To get to speak to somebody dial the 1800 829 -1040 number follow the prompts for language and hereupon 2, 1, That will get you to a live associate. Every time I call noone has anything. They will ask you for all the information associated with the refund such as amounts filing status and social security number. Is this typically how it works?

 tax return calculator My return was accepted on 1/16/2016 and here it is April 17 and nothing. One lady said she would fax the department that was responsible and see if they would release it or let me know what was going on and gave me the phone number for that department. When I called them I was ld there was a fax sent to them so not to call for at least 30 days. Wheres my refund says Your tax return is still being processed. That was last week and still nothing.

 tax return calculator

DDD of ‘3216’.

Feb 6th and jus says processing I’ve called and got different story everytime. Also, called twice this morning first person said could take another 12 weeks, 2nd passed me off and she hung up on me. Any ideas?

Here is the IRS number you should reach a person. When it asks for your SSN type it in then STOP, aM press 2. AM press 4, AM press 2! Follow the instructions correctly an it will get you through. Wait for an operator. Ok, and now one of the most important parts. To be honest they don’t plan giving out refunds. Considering the above said. Press the following prompt/number AFTER each AM. Just keep reading. Dial ‘1 800 829 When’ the automated operator comes on you might be asked to press a prompt/number. Remember, aM press. Do to this new healthcare act they want to keep peoples money. Anyway, february and received a letter form the IRS to show proof of medical insurance, Done that the first time I filed.

She had no answer, when I asked about the return I filed in January that was completely ignored.

February and here it is, 4/9/16 and WMR still says my refund has been delayed, and the code they referenced was 1121. After that the WMR said there would be a delay. This is MY money and the IRS just won’t let me have it and just won’t explain why. Although, wTF? Of course, while claiming they needed to do some sort of identity check, The bastards delayed my refund last year. Just think for a moment. I would still be in limbo, if I hadn’t taken the initiative to refile my taxes with any possible paperwork they might need. According to WMR, it never showed up, this year they claimed a refund was going to be sent to my bank on a certain date. Don’t just wait. Even the idiots at Taxpayer Advocates refuse to help. Sharon good move with the senator, that was going to be my next move! Do something people. Therefore, they get a lot done! Dirty rotten thieving bastards.

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The site was shut down yesterday and day my profile is back to having the bar on it after three just months saying it was being processed. We’ve checked our bank account, the IRS Where’s My Refund page, we don’t have smartphones so the app is question out and every time we call the IRS to inquire about the status, they have one of about 5 different reasons why we’re being Delayed but nothing that makes any sense. My wife and I filed on January 20th, we’re STILL waiting, and we’ve gotten no answers. Maybe they have all gotten off their butts at the feds? Then, it’s quite irritating and I have no clue what to do after nearly a month of waiting.

My return was accepted on Feb 10th.

All I can do is just shut up wait. Consequently, april 1st and it now 9 weeks and over 8 since they got it my mail. Check the stupid website every day. IRS wont give u an answer or a way to figure out whats going on. It Still says still processing online for 8 weeks. Usually, its sad.

Go to the irs website and get the form 911 to request a tax advocate. While they are paid by the feds they are autonomous from the tax reviewers. Please refer to Bankrate’s privacy policy for more information regarding Bankrate’s privacy practices. That’s what they are there for, contrary to popular beliefs. If the tax advocate fails go to one of your state representatives. By submitting a post, you agree to be bound by Bankrate’s terms of use. Personally I reckon they are dragging their feet because they didn’t anticipate different all situations with obamacare. Remember, that’s whythis is the real reason why I quit. Generally, it seems the advocates keep a better situation track. Well, and I know how lazy civil servants are because I used to be one.


Lol this is RIDICULOUS! March 9th I passed my questionnaires the lady said it will take ’69’ weeks to for a while would it take for me to receive my tax return after WMR says that? Saturday april 16, 2016 it says we have received your tax return and its being processed. WMR says there was a delayed on my tax return. Received a mail from the IRS stating that I need to verify my identity around March. With that said, hELP!

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