Next Year’s Tax Brackets

tax brackets Then the marriage penalty relief, new 10 bracket, and marginal rate reductions enacted in 2001 and 2003 will expire right after the year, unless Congress acts. The standard deduction for single filers is currently $ 5950, and it will rise to $ 6100 next year regardless of what happens with the Bush tax cuts. The amount for the coming tax year is calculated by multiplying the base year amount by the ratio of the CPI U in the current year to the ‘CPIU’ in the base year. Remember, instead, they have a somewhat complicated formula that involves a ‘base year’ amount for any parameter and an annual average ‘CPI U’ for the base year and the current year. Notice, the IRS does not merely adjust the parameters depending on inflation from one calendar year to the next, when calculating the values for the next tax year’s parameters.

PEP and Pease are two provisions that phase out tax benefits for upper income taxpayers PEP reduces the value of personal exemptions for high income taxpayers, and Pease reduces the value of itemized deductions. Their absence from the tax code was continued through 2012 by the two year extension of the Bush tax cuts in December If the Bush tax cuts expire, both provisions should return next year, Both PEP and Pease were themselves phased out by the Bush tax cuts and fully disappeared in 2010. The calculation is further complicated by the fact that the CPIU amounts used to calculate the next year’s parameters are not simply the CPIU averages for the relevant calendar years. By the way, the 2013 tax parameters should be on the basis of that are adjusted for inflation depending on CPI figures from September to August of the previous year. Tax year 2013 parameters are needed in advance of 2013 that the IRS can produce instructions for 2013 income tax withholding, that will begin in January, despite the fact that taxpayers should not start filing their 2013 tax returns until January 2014. You see, the AMT isn’t indexed for inflation and must be patched from time to time by Congress. Ok, and now one of the most important parts. Alternatively, President Obama’s budget will permanently index the AMT for inflation using 2011 as a base year, AMT exemption at $ 50600 for single filers and $ 79850 for married filers.

Currently, no patch is in place for 2012 have remained constant for some amount of time. On November 8, voters in Fairfax County, Virginia should be asked to approve a 4 percent addon sales tax on prepared food and beverages. EITC. This refundable credit for lower income working people was expanded both by the Bush tax cuts as well as the 2009 stimulus bill.

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