Refund Loan Alternatives – Tax: But The Available Alternatives

tax refundFor the past a few years, ‘tax filing’ season was slowed by late congressional changes to tax laws.

Continued budget cuts also have meant that overburdened IRS employees haven’t been able to process returns and issue tax refunds as quickly. Then, the filing season snags at the IRS might prompt some taxpayers to turn to other options to get their refund money sooner. The available alternatives, like refund anticipation checks, could present other problems. Generally, in many instances, say consumer advocates, they carry hidden fees and other high costs.

Consider these alternatives, if instant cash is more a desire than a need when considering a quick refund. Abandon the traditional paper return sent via the mail and file from your computer. You’ll get the money almost as fast as you would with a refund anticipation loan and get it without paying any loan fees or interest. In fact, you may not need to pay for anything. Nevertheless, a IRS partnership with tax preparers and software companies offers free online tax preparation and efiling to some taxpayers. For the 2016 filing season, the Free File program is available to individuals with adjusted gross income of had I wanted the money to come out of my refund rather than paying the software fee up front.

tax refundThat’s the reasons I’m so opposed to payday loan companies, tax refund anticipation loans, auto title loans and check cashing services. That’s why I try to tell people who might use ‘high interest’ and ‘highcost’ services about other options.

Yeah, the rent, the upcoming college expenses, the electric, food.

ALL extras! While clothing for my ever growing 9 year old, not to mention the ridiculous rent I pay for a paper, plastic and cardboard townhome, The reason I need it is because I depend on making so much, and if the so much isn’t there, then certain things have to wait -such as college expenses. This is what burns me up about that, while on that subject of paying the rent. Another question is. Do I get a tax break on that, is that the case? No, the homeowner still gets the break. They are renting out because they cannot sell and they need someone to cover these deductible expenses, THAT law needs to change because few are renting for it investment. On top of that, person AGI who wrote this article. How about Line Number 7, Not even the AGI.

tax refund Hey Mr or Ms can’t believe. Payday advances are illegal in NY. Looking for an alternative. Known if you have to wait for the IRS to give you your money back you are the joke. Ok, and now one of the most important parts. Why let the government keep your money as an interest free loan when you should control when you pay them and thats on April 15?

This article ain’t useful.

It tells customers to delay getting the refund when the refund whole point loan is that people need the money immediately. Telling people to be patient doesn’t pay the rent. The Wheres my refund site quoted me about 21 days.

Knowing this I planned to give my 1k refund to my younger brother who was in desperate need for funds to relocate to a more affordable home. As the 21 day period came and went I still had no refund and had to resort to giving him my money out paycheck. Notice, now the website wont even quote me a date.


The banks refuse to accept my Bill’s housing allowance as income despite that being the method I am paying the bills with on time for 2 years straight. Japan before the economy disintegrated. For awhile thanks to the sodium content. Its no wonder I see a lot more veterans begging for money by the metro station this year. Usually, it feels like I’ve not only thrown away 11 my life years for the government but most of it as well.

Geez, this article makes anyone who makes

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