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sales taxThe place to find business sales tax information.

Say sales tax and most people know what you’re talking about.

Say use tax and you’ll get a number of confused looks. This blog provides a framework for understanding use tax and how it can impact your business taxes liability. Usually, access to any portion of SalesTaxSupport. Terms of Use. Not limited to information, documents, forms, comments, advice and opinions, is for informational purposes only, and isn’t a substitute for professional advice, nor does this use Web Site constitute a professionalclient relationship, this Web Site and content provided by STS Publishing. Including. The ‘WebSite’ also includes advertisements, directory listings, job postings and links to third party web sites, all of which are provided for your convenience only and in no way constitute a referral, endorsement, or warranty by SalesTaxSupport. All content is provided as is without any guarantee regarding accuracy, suitability, or timeliness. Normally, your reliance on any content accessed on or through the Web Site, or on any product or service provider is strictly at your personal risk.

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