tax codeDo you know an answer to a following question. Generational wind change is picking up force in politically conscious Hollywood, and who better to spread his sails to catch it than President Clinton, who remains in many ways the entertainment industry’s favorite son? Tonight, the Roosevelt Hotel in old heart Hollywood going to be the venue for a fundraiser on former behalf president’s international charity, the William Clinton Foundation Millennium Network.

It has ambitions beyond simply raising money. Clinton retains loyalty from Hollywood that built up over his eight years as president and was reaffirmed by the industry’s embrace of Hillary Rodham Clinton in the 2008 Democratic presidential primaries. Quite a few of the younger industry figures attending the gala hit the campaign trail with Chelsea Clinton to stump for her mother last summer and still speak about that connection. Organizers call the evening an opportunity to encourage leaders next generation and philanthropists to address the challenges of global interdependence.

Some familiar second generation names from Hollywood’s political fundraising nucleus are prominent among the event’s organizers, including Alex Avant, son of music executive Clarence Avant.

tax codeAvant says that a trip he made to Africa last summer with Bill Clinton was a life changing experience. The younger Avant, who was a strong backer of Hillary Clinton, played a key role in rounding up the participants and secured the night’s headline entertainer. Just think for a moment.

Jay Carson, a former spokesman for both Bill and Hillary and now an aide to greenish philanthropist and producer Steve Bing; political consultant Noah Mamet and CAA agent Michael Kives, Eric Eisner, son of former Disney Chief Executive Michael Eisner, helped organize the evening, gether with an impressive array of the industry’s young Democratic Turks, including Frankie Quintero and Ben Schwerin, who both work for longtime Clinton backer, and ‘big time’ Friend of Bill, billionaire Ron Burkle.

More than 4000 people across the country already have joined the new Clinton network, and the money raised night will address most of the ex president’s favorite issues, such as AIDS, global warming, worldwide economic disparities and childhood obesity in the United States. The only other American political family to command loyalty kind across generations the Clintons seem to have established is the Kennedys not bad company in a wn that understands the value of sequels.

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