Share And Share Alike – Anthem Insurance Offers Free Credit Monitoring After Hacker Breach

tax returnPeertoPeer’ file sharing networks exist so people can download free mp3 files, DVDs, movies, and suchlike They work by having each network member share some personal files while downloading files from other people’s computers.

The question is. Share and share alike, right? However, this has understandably driven the RIAA as well as the people in Hollywood crazy. Crazy that they are suing people they catch sharing copyrighted materials. Then again, we’re not going to go into the ethics either way on this argument.

The problem is that people are not only sharing their ripped CDs and DVDs, they’re also sharing sensitive files on their hard drive like tax returns, bank statements and cancelled checks. There’s more news about the massive hacker breach of Anthem Insurance -the second largest insurance company in the -and now largest victim breach in history with up to 80000000 people affected. Hackers were able to steal a single password that unlocked the complete Anthem database of customers.

This breach isthe worst on record.

More because of the stolen richness data, not just sheer because number of victims. Hackersgrabbed identity Holy Grail theft that was filled with a delicious cocktail of consumer data. Seriously. This treasure trove of information can be sold over and over again as it allows thieves to create all kinds of phishing,vishing, smishing, and every other kind of attack that targets the ‘most wealthy’ victims with a handcrafted message right to their phone, email or LinkedIn inbox. This is valuable data.

Once the fox leaves the hen house, nthem is attempting to do something, it’s pretty almost impossible to protect the chickens. It’sestimated this disaster willcost

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