Perry's Flat Tax

Rick Perry has finally revealed his tax plan which among other things includes a 20percentage flat tax. How does his plan stack facing the rest? Released details of his plan […]

Paying Your Taxes With Plastic

And therefore the actual task of paying your taxes is probably coming front and center in your mind, as we come up on April 15. The amount that you owe […]

Taxes Payroll  Accounting

Today, I’m pretty sure I would like to mention a few of an ordinary tax deductions missed by tax payers. Accounting Fees for Tax Preparation. If you prepare your taxes […]

Understanding Our Changing Tax Codes

The US Tax codes change, and they aren’t necessarily changing in your favor. Congress failed to act right after the year and now So there’re changes headed towards us. The […]

The Dangers Of Payroll Taxes

Whether not we all dread the IRS, or you own a small business They always seem to look for more money and if you will not pay them or pay […]