Tax Evasion – It Must Be Signed Under Penalties Of Perjury

tax evasion Be careful, when you sign your tax return.

They come from all walks of life. That said, the Justice Department news releaseconveys apretty scary messageof 23 cases in which the government successfully prosecuted tax cheats. Keep reading! Stray, and you going to be caught. However, don’tlie on your tax return The Justice Department issued a stern reminder that when it boils down to income taxes, it must be signed under penalties of perjury, nobody is above the law.

Daniel Porter, a Chino, California, businessman, wassentencedto 55 months in prison for conspiring to defraud the United States by promoting and selling fraudulent tax products, including onecalled Tax Break 2000.

The founder of Happy’s Pizza, Happy Asker, was previouslyconvictedat trial, and three others have also pleaded guilty to related charges. Arkan Summa, an owner of Happy’s Pizza franchises, was sentenced to serve 18 months in prison and ordered to pay in restitution following his conviction for filing a false return and tax evasion.

tax evasionThe court also ordered DiLorenzo to forfeit nearly in restitution for structuring cash transactions andfilingfalse tax returns.

Yvette Johnson wassentenced to serve two years in prison for tax evasion. Kenneth and Kimberly Horner, who owned and operated Topcat Towing and Recovery Inc. While, the Horners skimmed more than million based on fraud committed against investors.

Thair Alwan, a pizza owner shop, wassentencedto12 months and one day in prison and ordered to pay 10000 fine for filing a false tax return for 2008.

Elena Moreno wassentencedto 22 months in prison. Arturo Moreno, also a company owner, was sentenced to 28 months in prison for conspiring to defraud the United States, and conspiring to commit wire fraud and mortgage fraud. It is fidencio Moreno, owner of a charter bus company, wassentencedto41 months in prison for conspiring to defraud the United States.

Matthew Libous, an attorney licensed in New York, wasconvictedof filing false tax returns. Michael Stover, a Michigan businessman, wassentencedto 42 months in prison for tax evasion and wire fraud. While in line with court filings, Libous failed to report income from his law practice and tens of thousands of dollars in personal expenses that he caused to be paid by another company he operated. From 2004 through 2010, Stover was president of a company from which he embezzled more than in restitution for tax evasion.

Joel Field, owner and operator of Cadillac Ranch restaurants and bars in Ohio and elsewhere, was sentencedto 12 months and one day in prison, four months in a halfway house, and four home months confinement, and was ordered to pay 4000 fine for tax evasion.

Jeffrey Scott, owner and operator of Greenville Loop Seafood wassentencedto 12 months and one day in prison, and ordered to pay 25000 fine for attempting to evade taxes. From 1997 through 2007, Mangold concealed his income by filing false tax returns and asserting frivolous legal arguments to the IRS. Michael Mangold, a doctor specializing in emergency medicine and urgent care, wassentencedto 18 months in prison for tax evasion and making false statements. While as pointed out by court filings, between 2006 and 2010, Scott paid nearly all of his living expenses with company checks, including his mortgage, utilities, insurance premiums, landscaping, home improvements, school fees and a country club membership. Whenever as pointed out by court filings, Mangold earned income working for various hospitals, emergency rooms, urgent care facilities and state and county correctional facilities.

Nick Jodha, also known as Nick Persaud, an owner and operator of contracting company United HVAC Services Inc.

Amberula Levitt, who owned and operated Tax Time Tax Service, was sentenced to 21 months in prison, ordered to pay in restitution for willful failure to pay tax due and owing. While, The bogus document showed that his law firm was withholding money from his paychecks to give to the IRS, whenit wasn’ Gwendolyn Muller, a receptionist in Kearny, New Jersey, wassentencedto34 months in prison and ordered to pay in checks paid by insurance companies to the medical practice for services to patients. Muller admitted to filing a false tax return to evade taxes payment on this illegally obtained income.

tax evasion

Don Lindner, an attorney from Severna Park, Maryland,pleaded guiltyto filing a false return and agreed to pay in gross receipts from his law practice. Hoff used company checks to pay her personal expenses, which included a vehicle purchase, home improvements and mortgage payments.

Joel Carlson, an investment advisor, wassentencedto42 months in prison for tax evasion. Carlson will pay approximately 2 million in restitution to the IRS. Carlson deposited client investments and additional funds solicited from his father into a Trust Financial Group account, which he treated as his personal visa card. Dennis Weiss, formerly a suburban home builder, wassentencedto 30 months in prison and ordered to pay.

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