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 tax return calculator Some must still go through the process of ‘selfassessment’ as well, employees usually have their tax deducted by their employer through the ‘pay as you earn’ system.

If they earn 2500 income on their savings and investments or from renting out a property, people must fill out a ‘selfassessment’ form if they are ‘self employed’, or if they have made money from selling a second home or shares.

Critics called for a change to the rules and claimed it was a ‘waste of time’ for some employees to fill out the forms. In this year’s Budget, Chancellor George Osborne sounded the death knoll for annual tax returns when he announced he would introduce a digital tax accounts for millions who currently complete self assessment forms.

 tax return calculator Industry experts have called on the Government to remove tens of thousands more workers from the ‘frustrating’ self assessment process.

All cash, itinerant workers from outside the -sounds like a great business to start. Let me ask you something. If the taxman gets curious just how do they find out who the owners really are and where all that cash has gone?

Whenever meaning 6million Britons filled out ‘nil’ tax returns last year, record out 11million people who completed them, Another 880000 owe less than 50. Tax expert George Bull, of Baker Tilly. It is frustrating, unnecessary and a waste of time for the ‘5million plus’ people who fill in tax returns when there is nothing extra to pay.

It means 67million people fill in timeconsuming tax returns -or pay accountants hundreds of pounds to do it for them -despite owing nothing really.

They are your servants. Reallyirritated. You should take this seriously. You clearly have no idea how complex tax legislation is. Clearly the problem is not with the taxpayer but with the over complex taxation system. Just think for a moment. Good luck.

After I was threatened with a 300 penalty for a late submission, OAP, and I have just had to fill in one of these absurd ‘Selfassessment’ forms online. Now at last me and the taxman are all square with no outstanding tax due. Even if they have no extra, workers who earn over 100000 or directors of companies must automatically fill in a tax return, undeclared income. What really was the point? Once connected the staff couldn’t be more helpful. My tal pensions income comes nowhere near the 10600 taxfree allowance.

Pilchard the cat, Up North, United Kingdom, 1 year ago A bit like saying MP’s shouldn’t have to submit expenses claims forms but just name a figure to be paid.

Even if no tax is due, a tax whole point form is that you make a legal declaration, to which you can be held accountable if it’s incorrect.

HMRC will waive the late charge penalty without further investigation if taxpayers have a ‘reasonable excuse’ for the delay. For most people it is a simple matter. Register and fill in the form online. You won’t receive the form in the post if you have an account online. If you are selfemployed you have to fill in a self assessment tax form. To find the site enter self assessment income tax in a search engine.

Official data from Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs show a quarter of people filling in tax returns owe less than 50 or nothing really right after it.

Growing numbers of employees are also being caught ‘in the net’ of ‘self assessment’, quite a few of we’re talking about selfemployed people earning below the 10600 income tax threshold.

Oh come on, what better way to pass a couple of wintry days than filling in a tax return.

It’s not that difficult. Practically all adult Canadians have to make a return annually, do it yourself or go to a tax return company, which are very reasonably priced for simple returns. We pick up our booklet tax return complete with a corresponding, line, by line, easy peasy booklet of do’s and don’ts, at a post office in early February. Generally 10/15percentage is with held on account per pay. Now pay attention please. What’s so demanding or difficult about that? Complete on line if one wishes, send off a cheque or debit if you owe, or get a rebate paid into your internet banking.

Rather than having to wait for updates on workers’ tax affairs once a year, this would allow the taxman to receive up to the minute information from employers.

Millions of Britons are filling in laborious tax return forms every year despite owing no money to the taxman, figures show.

While less than 50 is due on another 8 per cent, official figures reveal that nothing is owed on 16 per cent of all tax returns.

 tax return calculator

One in three UK taxpayers must now fill in their own tax forms every year. Mr Osborne said all businesses in the UK and 55million anybody will have a digital tax account by the next end Parliament.

The taxman said it wanted to use its resources to target major tax avoidance and evasion rather than ‘penalising ordinary people’.

HMRC spokesman said. We don’t want anyone to fill in a tax return unless it’ s absolutely necessary.

Thousands of parents also now have to fill in self assessment forms following changes to child benefit in 2013, which means some or all of it can be clawed back from higher earners. The changes could mean users can see the tax they need to pay without having to complete an annual tax return.

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