Tax Time – Top Tips To Assist In Tax Preparation

tax preparation

tax preparationThroughout the Year, Keep Your Tax Records Organized.

The time it will take to prepare your taxes is dramatically reduced for those who develop a system for organizing their documents, receipts and records. Don’t Wait ‘Til the Last Minute! Seriously. Ben Franklin once said, Don’t put off ’til tomorrow that which can be done today! Keep reading. As long as your haste to meet the filing deadline could cause you to not only risk making a real error but, I’d like to think he was talking about taxes, more importantly, it could cause you to overlook some potential sources of tax savings.

Visit The IRS Online. You will do well to follow the lead of millions of other taxpayers who’ve visited the IRS website in calendar years 2004 and Together, they’ve already downloaded nearly 600 million forms, publications and a wide types of tax related information, if you haven’t already. Hey, do not worry there’s always more where that came from. The actual question is. Coffee, Tea or Free Tax Assistance? Now please pay attention. They’re not only a bunch of ‘big meanies’ taking our hardearned dollars the IRS actually does its fair share of giving. In fact, they provide free pre recorded tax messages on about 150 tax topics. Now let me tell you something. Don’t believe me, this is the case right? Just call the tollfree TeleTax service at 1 or 1.

tax preparationMore Personalized Assistance.

Speaking of ‘doing its fair share of giving’ the IRS also provides free personalized seek for to check with your local newspaper or local IRS office to find locations for what they call their ‘Volunteer Income Tax Assistance’ or their ‘Tax Counseling’ sites. Electronic Returns Faster Than a Speeding Bullet! Therefore this shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone. Notice that yes, I’d say if you’re fortunate enough to be due a tax refund the waiting time for e filers is mostly about half that of paper filers!

Double Check Your Math for Errors! It’s the little things that matter, as soon as all is said and done. Of course you must double check your math and you shouldreally have correctly provided and legibly written the names and Social Security numbers, and similar identifying info for your self, your spouse and your dependents. Let me tell you something. DirectDeposit’ All The Way! Another way to quicken your refund and reduce chances of theft, is to have your refund deposited directly into your credit card.

Can’t Pay?

Take a Deep Breath! Exhale! And, Consider Your Alternatives. Just think for a moment. Consider these lessstressedout alternatives, So if you find that you just can’t immediately pay taxes you might owe. Of course, get a reduced late penalty rate; or, charge your balance to a visa card either as part of an electronic return, or directly through a processing agent, Apply for a IRS installment agreement. Remember. If All Else Fails Request a Extension of Time to File! If the clock just runs out, you can always get an automatic fourmonth extension of time to file, to August 15th. Just advised for ages being that they may give you an extension of time to file that doesn’t translate as an extension of time to pay! On top of this, just you need to pay on time, So in case you get an extension of time to file.

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