Therefore There’s This Pesky 3 – Zero Percent Capital Gains Tax Rate

capital gains tax rateThe Capital Gain rates are 15percent and 20percent.

What the Internal Revenue Code calls ordinary income, keeps you in the 15 tax bracket, you get this 0percentage Capital Gains tax rate, So if your normal income. Whenever meaning you held the asset more than 1 year, to clarify, all of this discussion is for LONGTERM Capital Gains. There’s this pesky 8percent tax on Net Investment Income if you make over 37,For MARRIED FILING JOINT, your taxable income must be below.

If you take Social Security benefits, your taxable income gonna be 20000 in repairs. Normally your taxable income is around 50,Here’s a window of opportunity to sell part of your mutual fund and take in Capital Gains tax free. You can buy back into that mutual fund the next day, if you like, and you have now increased your tax basis and lower taxes in the future.

Example You turn 70 this year and must take your required minimum distribution from your IRA. This first year of RMD, you can skip and take two distributions the following year. By skipping the RMD, maybe your income is below the magic level and you can take in some 0percentage Capital Gains.

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