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Current Law

capital gains tax Undoubtedly it’s taxed at ordinary income tax rates as high as 396, So in case a capital gain is realized right after the underlying asset is held less than one year.

So it’s taxed at a special rate of 20percentage for most taxpayers, I’d say if a capital gain is realized right after the underlying asset is held more than one year. Now this tax on capital gains, a 8percentage surtax is applied to gains which occur in households making more than per year. All households above a small exemption have to pay a 2percentage tax to would’ve been dozens of capital gains rates under her plan.

, Therefore in case a householdmakes more than to ordinary income taxation, Sanders is very specific about it. Whenever combining both income and duration of ownership, Clinton is a little more coy about it. This is a matter of settled policy on the left, good arguments to the contrary notwithstanding. It’s widely believed in conservative tax circles that ordinary income taxation of all kinds of capital types gains is a longstanding goal of left of center policymakers. Any candidate has no hesitation to tax carried interest capital gains as ordinary income. Every plan moves far closer than today to ordinary income taxation of capital gains.

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