It’s Time To Look Beyond The Traditional – Don’T Fear Capital Gains Tax


Miami. It’s time to look beyond the traditional. Attend the 6th annual Alternative Investments Conference and get the education you need on the latest alternative products and strategies. Essentially, the 4th annual Best Practices Awards and Workshop will take a deep dive into the 2016 Financial Performance Study of Advisory Firm results and identify the most elite firms of the industry.

Helping reduce a client’s tax bill is one way that is paid on the sale of an appreciated asset, is not such a bad thing, relatively speaking. Certainly, how must advisers go about easing that tax burden, is that the case? Long time capital gains rates are favorable compared with other tax treatments, noone except likes paying taxes.

Those in the top tax bracket pay an effective rate of top longterm capital gains rate is around 24 a 20 capital gains rate plus the 8 Medicare surcharge. Non qualified dividends from investments, another way to generate some cash flow, are taxed at 43percentage, let’s say. Kochis said. Usually, this differential typically makes the sale of appreciated stocks, mutual funds and exchange traded funds the most efficient way to generate cash flow, said Mr.

Right after a few years, Let’s say a 125. Paying a 24percent capital gains rate on that That’s the equivalent of a sales tax on a purchase. In terms of minimizing the ultimate capital gains tax, tax loss harvesting is amongst the most straightforward and valuable ways to go about it, advisers said. Now let me tell you something. Kochis said.

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