Yes I Do Think He Would Run Regardless: Trump Posts Photo Signing ‘Recent Tax Return’

Republican presidential front runner Donald TrumpDonald TrumpTrump cancels Monday rally after Orlando shooting Orlando massacre inflames ‘TrumpClinton’ presidential race Orlando shooter’s imam is ‘pro Trump’ MORE on Thursday tweeted a photo that he says shows him signing a recent tax return.

Well actually yes. On top of that, yes I do think he would run regardless. Rather because he’s convinced that his supporters are, not because he’s stupid. They’re constantly proving him right in that regard.

Trump clearly knows that whatever he’s done or said in the past doesn’t matter to his supporters. They’ll still support him, as long as he says what they want to hear the way they want to hear it. Recall his recent now famous statement, I actually could shoot somebody and not lose votes. This is where it starts getting entertaining. That pretty much says it all. It’s a well hey if the GOP base is that stupid to not hold a candidate to a high standard they deserve to get their rears handed to them in the general. There’s a lot more info about it on this site. Trump is running on being the ‘non politician’. Oddly enough his fight the system supporters seem to have no issue with him being just another typical system part politician.

Only the clueless think he’s hiding something.

He simply doesn’t have to disclose/make his taxes public. Our tax code very tainted for the wealthy will be common knowledge. You should take it into account. His effective tax probably falls between ‘1015’percent, while he no doubt has lots of income which falls in the top tax bracket. So here is a question. Clueless, this is the case right? If he has nothing to hide then full disclosure is the case. We go through this every cycle. We the people ask for full disclosure to get a true view of what the candidate has or has not done and whether his words match his deeds. On top of this, is he worth what he says, right? With all that said… Is he as charitable as he claims, am I correct? Does he have investments in areas he attacks like China, Mexico, and the Middle East? Etc. So.

You Trumpeteers look like the desperate ones. What is your boy hiding, is that the case? Losses? Offshore bank accounts that now must be disclosed under FATCA, this is the case right? Less charitable giving than he brags about? So pimp that buys the politicians is clean, this is the case right? Anyways, funny thing is that in this corrupt system of prostitution the simpletons like you go after the prostitutes and place blame all on them. You never blame the actual other half establishment donor class -Trump and those like him. Politicians do not become corrupt and bought unless someone buys them. It’s a well the big poser root is Trump and those like him. Oftentimes you are too ignorant to see all he is doing is cutting out the middle man. The corruption is still there.

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